No Stealing! Man Dies While Trying To Steal Electricity!


The world is filled with crimes, from thievery to murder. These heinous actions happened nowadays, making security a suspicious entity in society.

But Stealing is among those offenses which suggest crossing the constraints and supply severe damage to the suspect and victim.

Something very similar to this occurred to a guy in Bhubaneswar as electricity theft proved too pricey because of his life.

The guy was hot-chair to departure in the Charvel Nagar place while he had been attempting to steal power on Wednesday. The person’s identity is still not supported.

The sufferer had climbed atop an electric pole near his home late on Wednesday night to steal electrical wire once the accident happened. He suffered an electrical shock after coming in contact with an 11kv electricity transmission line unintentionally and expired on the place.

After being educated by natives, Law enforcers arrived on the spot and delivered the half-charred body into a local hospital for autopsy.

Locals alleged that the man was a regular burglar and contained several theft cases. He’s supposed to become a resident of a local slum.

Kharvela Nagar Police reported the issue is under investigation, and the facts will soon be shown.