ABC takes down Thirtysomething(else), Valley Trash and Brides: Here’s why.

Valley Trash, and Brides

A trio of ABC got some awful news on Monday. ABC took some decisions about Thirtysomething (else), Valley Trash, and Brides pilots. As a consequence of coronavirus pandemic, many production lines have been affected. ABC was affected too. They came to a point where they took stern decisions about 2020 Pilots.

The decision includes passes to three projects, including two high-profile dramas. Thirtysomething sequels Thirtysomething (else), featuring many original cast members. The Brides, vampire soap. The comedy show Valley Trash.


Thirtysomething(else) would have been a sequel to 1987 drama Thirtysomething. The cast included Supergirl alumni Chris Wood and Odette Annable. There were many several stars of the original show who would have made an appearance. The series was planned to follow adult versions to thirtysomething children.

The Brides

Described as a reimagining of Dracula, starred Katherina Resi as Claws, Ern Richards as Gotham, and Gina Torrens as Suit. The titular immortal women expose everything to save their family wealth, prestige, and non-traditional family.

Valley Trash

The single-camera comedy. It followed Harmans, a scrappy, blue-collar family that faces a significant clash when their daughter gets into a well-known private high school. Abby gets accepted in LA’s prestigious high school filled with students and parents who want nothing to do with her, her family, or their 818 area code. The shows were starring Jason Lee and Lulu Wilson.

ABC takes down Thirtysomething(else), Valley Trash, and Brides: Why?

All the three shows come from outside studios. MGM, Warner Bros. Tv, and Universal TV. Broadcast networks trimming their pilots in the current coronavirus pandemic is not surprising at all.

The main reason for taking down the pilots for these three is the safety of the casting team, as for the projects that are moving ahead. ABC announced to shoot the pilots. Once the pandemic situation gets under control, the production can safely begin for shows: The Katey Sagal, Rebel, Harlem’s Kitchen, Bossy, Home Economics, and Work Wife.

Still, Thirtysomething(else) not going forward is a shocker. It;’s hard to pinpoint one reason for ABC’s decision not to proceed with the high-profile sequel. The budget part for Thirtysomething(else) is costly. Due to the returning of original casts in the show. I hope you guys got every answer to your question. We shared all information regarding ABC takes down Thirtysomething(else), Valley Trash, and Brides.

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