Agents of Shield: Catch All The Secrets About The Final Enemy of Shield

Agents of Shield
Agents of Shield

Agents of Shield will return with the final enemy from the past. In the latest episode of Agents of Shield, The Chronicoms will make another alliance. Chronicom leader Sybil and Nathaniel Malick will propel an alliance. S.H.I.E.L.D will face its final enemy in episode 8.

Warning: Spoilers from the latest episode, “The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D.”

Who is the next villain in Agents of Shield?

The Chronicom leader Sybil will propel an alliance with Nathaniel Malick. In the latest episode of Agents of Shields. Sybil tries to recover the Time Stream from the Lighthouse. While using makeshift hunters, she distracts S.H.I.E.L.D, for long enough till robots locate the apparatus and rob it without noticing it. Using Time Stream, she landed in the 80s, where she finds her partner Nathaniel Malick, Wilfred Malick’s youngest son.

Conversation between Nathaniel Malick and Sybil:

“It’s smaller than I imagined,” Nathaniel said, referring to apparatus.

“You now have the one toll necessary to control your world’s future,” Sybil replied.

“Well, lucky for me,” he said

“I’m confident we will make a perfect pair,” Sybil stated

Both Nathaniel and Sybil have substantially damaged their bodies by the blows from the time-traveled SHIELD team.

Wasn’t Nathaniel Malick Dead?

In season 7, episode 7 of Agents of Shield, it revealed that Nataniel survived. And by 1983, he will form a partnership with the last surviving Chronicom and leader of Chronicom, Sybil. 

When the timeline hasn’t changed, the story followed as Wilfred Malick was supposed to die in the year 1970. Shortly after his father’s death, the youngest son of Malick, Nathaniel Malick, was sacrificed in Hydra’s ritual. The ritual teleported him to planet Maveth. After the changes in the timeline. Wilfred Malick was alive for six more years by Chronicom. Although Deke later killed him. So his son Nathaniel Malick never went to planet Maveth.

By 1976, Nathaniel successfully transferred Quake’s power. After all, S.H.I.E.L.D, believed that he was dead or seriously injured, when this new quirks got backfired. Indeed, after changes in the timeline, this wasn’t the case anymore. In Nathaniel’s last grab, he took away Daisy’s power. After that, he suffered radical consequences. He tremor his own bones. Now this duo will be working against their enemies and might take them down.

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