Arnold Schwarzenegger Set To Star In Spy Drama

Arnold Schwarzenegger
After conquering the big screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to start his journey on TV.

We are all fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger for his raunchy action on-screen. Furthermore, Over the span of his long and illustrious career, he became the quintessential action star. That factored in his tank-like body, monotone delivery, commitment, Everything.

However, audiences have never had the chance of watching Arnold do his thing on TV. As weird as it might seem, he has never worked in a scripted TV production. It’s genuinely baffling that since debuting with Hercules in 1970, Arnie never got a chance to ply his trade on television.

We now know, however, this anomaly will stand corrected soon. It is widely reported that Schwarzenegger has finally signed up to headline a TV show. More details to follow or impending.

A small screen debut is the latest venture for the veteran meg-star from Schwarzenegger.

Details about the project signed by Arnold:-

Industry heavyweights, Skydance Media, will have the honour to handle his entry into the small screens. This partnership of actor-production house isn’t something new as they have a long history. Also, they worked together on Terminator Genisys and Terminator: Dark Fate.

The concerning TV series will reportedly be in the genre of Spy Drama. That too is extremely interesting, considering Arnie’s repertoire. While we all love him as he is, it’s no secret that he isn’t the best of actors. So showing his acting chops over an extended series will be a curiosity for many.

Who develops the show?

According to numerous reports, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Bill Bost will take helm as executive producers. However, the creators chair will be filled by a very interesting pick.

Prison Break” and “Law&Order” fame, Nick Santora is trusted with the duties to develop the universe of the new series. He will also join the other three in the role of an executive producer.

Although he has the tools and the experience with creating successful drama series before, this is very different. Spies or Epionage content doesn’t seem be in his vast resume. Neither that nor the pressure to create a character suited to Arnold’s strengths. Moreover, to be able to hide his weaknesses.

A Dad-Daughter story will be at the centre of the plot, So maybe it’s Taken all over again.

Only time will tell how good the series is, but let’s be honest, we’ll watch it to enjoy Arnie.

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