10 Fun Facts About Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood is the world’s oldest national movie industry, having been founded in 1887. For a long time, it led the industry in terms of the number of movies produced per year and the overall audience until Bollywood overtook it. We now look at ten fun facts about Hollywood movies you have probably never heard.

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1. Arnold Schwarzenegger received $21,429 for each word he uttered in the Terminator II, Judgement Day

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The Terminator II Judgement Day was a science fiction action film that was released in 1991. Upon its release, it was a truly great success that reached out to a wide audience and had great success in the film industry throughout its time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the film and uttered a combined total of 700 words. He received a whopping $15 million for his role in the film. This means he made an average of $21,429 for each he spoke in the film from start to finish.

2. Extraterrestrial’s face was fashioned alongside Carl Sandburg, Albert Einstein, and a pug

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Extraterrestrial is a 1982 Hollywood science fiction film that was written by Melissa Mathison and directed by Steven Spielberg. It is basically the story of a young boy who befriends an alien who roams the earth stranded. The main character, Extraterrestrial, is scary and measures 2 feet 10 inches tall.

What many do not realize, though, is that this main character was, in fact, modeled after Carl Sandburg, Albert Einstein, and a pug. Albert Einstein is renewed physicist and the brilliant scientist of all time. Carl Sandburg, on the other hand, is a renowned poet and writer.

3. One of the Jewish names used in the Inglourious Bastards is Anne Frank

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The Inglorious Bastards is a 200 War film. It is set in the historical World War II during the infamous Nazi Holocaust, when as many as 6 million Jews were systematically executed by the state. In the movie, a French farmer is interrogated concerning the whereabouts of a lost Jewish family.

Donny Donowitz, one of the main characters, uses a baseball bat to beat the Nazis to death. This bat contains some inscriptions, among them being the name of Anne Frank. Anne Frank the Jewish girl that is famous for her historical diary during the holocaust of the jews during world war 2.

4. No actor in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ recognized that Vader was Luke’s dad

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“The Empire Strikes Back” was a 1980 American soap opera. Among the many actors who made the show what it turned out to be were Mark Hamill, known as Luke Skywalker, and David Prowse, known as Darth Vader. Not many people recognized that these two were actually a son and a father, respectively.

This was a deliberate move as the directors wanted to preserve the sanctity of the playwright and to facilitate the enjoyment of the plays altogether. In fact, most of the lines were altered to prevent the secret from spilling over until the last screen was shot.

5. Hercules was so despicable that it was auctioned at a throw-away price of $550,000

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Hercules was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first movie. It was shot in New York City entirely on location. In the movie, Hercules chides his father, Zeus, for refusing to let him leave the abode of the gods (Olympus) in order to sojourn the earth. It was expected to be a success.

However, things did not turn out to be as successful as they were initially planned. In fact, things took a turn for the worse when the movie failed to elicit the reactions and enthusiasm that it was anticipated to. This culminated into its auctioning at a throw-away price of $550,000.

6. Hobbit Movie consumed all the gold paints in New Zealand

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Hobbit is a three-series high fantasy adventure film that basically recounts the life and times of its star character, Hobbit Bilbo Baggins. In the course of shooting the movie, lots of gold is used. So much gold was needed, in fact, that all the gold paints an entire New Zealand were employed for the job. Some more had to be shipped in from Germany.

7. While shooting Mad Max (1979), the movie ran low on funds, so much so that one director had to offer his vehicle to be used in a crash scene

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Mad Max is an Australian post-apocalyptic action film series. It was created by George Miller and was premiered in 1979. Thereafter, the movie was followed by three sequels in 1981, 1985, and 2015 respectively. As part of its plot, some car crashes were involved in the scenes.

However, in the course of shooting the film, the directors did run out of funding. This constrained the budget such that not all the cars that were required could be availed at the scene. As such, one of the directors had to give his personal car to be used in the crash scene.

8. Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning when starring in “The Passion of the Christ.”

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Jim Caviezel starred in “The Passion of the Christ.” Specifically, he featured in the Sermon on the Mount scene. While filming this portion of the movie, he was actually struck by lightning. His hair caught fire, but he was miraculously unharmed throughout the entire ordeal.

9. Robert Downey Jr. was so tired when producing the Zodiac that he left jars of urine around the set as a way of protesting

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Zodiac is an American historical mystery thriller film that was released in 2007. One of its stars is Robert Downey Jr. While starring in this movie; he got so tired at some point that he left some jars of urine around the setting to protest his fatigue.

10. Cannibal Holocaust director was arraigned in court to prove that the actors were, in fact, still alive

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Cannibal Holocaust is a film about a rescue mission in the Amazon rainforest. During that rescue, the professor comes across a lost film that was previously shot by a documentary crew. So scary are the accounts on the film that its director was arraigned in course to prove that its actors were indeed still alive but not dead.


There you have them! We do hope that the 10 fun facts we have belabored above have given you compelling reasons to now want to watch more Hollywood films at least once a week.