5 Best Mosquito Traps That Don’t Zap 2024

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Mosquito traps are made to entice mosquitoes, capturing and killing them in the process. They tend to affect mosquito reproduction in addition to killing the incoming bugs. In order to lure insects into the hook, mosquito traps utilize CO2, heat, or light as attractants. However, CO2 baits may entice insects up to 1.5 acres, while light and heat baits only draw them in proximity.

What Are The Best Mosquito Traps That work Effectively In 2024

Are you residing in an area with too high mosquito population and are afraid of getting sick due to the bug bites? In that case, check out the below listed best mosquito traps you can acquire.

1. Envirobug Heavy Duty Outdoor Mosquito Mozzie Trap

This is one of the best mosquito trap Australia model, which employs a 7-watt UV fluorescent bulb that generates blue light specifically at the frequency at which insects cannot stay. A strong yet obnoxiously quiet suction fan draws mosquitoes into the light, where they are sucked into the detachable basket.

The vortex traps mosquitoes inside the basket, where they can not flee and will die from dehydration. Within a 1000 square meter region, this device can pull mosquitoes and also get rid of flying insects, including Asian beetles, flies, and other pests. You can find similar high-end mosquito trap models by checking out https://envirobug.com.au/collections/mozzie-traps.

2. DynaTrap DT2000XLP TUNSR

Flying insects are drawn to the trap by the UV light and TiO2 layer, where they are subsequently pulled into the basket by the silent fan. It also catches biting insects, midges, flies, house flies, moths, beetles, wasps, and yellow jackets.

This model can cover up to an acre of the surrounding area. It is best to keep it running nonstop throughout the entire season to provide constant bug defense. Put these bug zappers 20 to 40 feet away from humans and 3 to 6 feet above the surface. Connect the hook, and when necessary, remove the catch basket.

3. Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

Insects drawn to the UV light are pulled in by a USB-powered fan, which forces them onto an odorless glue trap. Use this device for three days straight in the dark for the best results. It is solely intended for indoor use. It is effective against gnats and fruit flies as well.

It features a slim design, only weighs 1.5 pounds, and is available in a two-speed option or an automatic sensor choice. Each board can be used for about four weeks if the adhesive is applied properly.

4. INZECTO Mosquito Control Trap

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This trap provides 1500 square feet of coverage. Using the leaf infusion mixture dissolved in still water, it entices insects. The bug and its larvae are killed by the active chemicals once they get in.

Pour enough quantity of water and set it upright in a protected location from the wind and shade to use it. Ensure that the two traps are at least 30 feet apart if you are employing two of them. Within the first week, you will notice fewer insects. It is easy to set up and provides protection for about three months.

5. Klahaite Bug Zapper

This particular model employs a 15-watt ultraviolet bulb to draw mosquitoes, moths, gnats, and various flying insects towards the bug zapper. After that, they are instantly electrocuted by the device’s high-voltage grids. The bug zapper is EPA approved and secure for use around children and pets.

The durable ABS material that shows resistance to fire and grease is utilized to make this mosquito zapper. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a built-in 4200V internal grid and a coverage area of up to 2100 square feet.

What Factors To Think About While Acquiring A Mosquito Trap

Mosquito zappers are accessible for indoor and outdoor usage in different sizes, types, and shapes. Check out the below factors you need to consider before buying the best mosquito control trap.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Usage

Mosquitoes are drawn to outdoor traps by carbon dioxide, heat, and occasionally light. Additionally, a few traps utilize fragrances created to resemble human scents. Numerous outdoor models collect a lot of insects, which are then kept in a screened basin where they will dry out or desiccate until it is completely empty. In order to entice insects, indoor bug controlling devices generally use heat and light.

Total Usage Duration

The volume of the propane cylinder determines how long a mosquito trap for Australia model using propane can operate. It can operate continuously for nearly three weeks on a tiny gas tank. Indoor traps also need to be routinely cleaned and cleared. Glue boards in the indoor hook models can remain for about a month. When used continuously, UV light bulbs can work for around four months or 3,000 hours.

Determine the setup location

Certain bug zappers are made to be set up and utilized only in one location. It is essential to place wall units and a few big electric traps next to a power outlet. But, traps with USB adapters can be charged by a charger hub that is powered into the outlet or with a compact power pack. Hence, you can put them in different locations.

Easy to Use

All you have to do is plug it in and switch it on to set up and utilize an electric mosquito trap. It necessitates the periodic replacement of UV bulbs and adhesive boards, and you need to clear out the basins and vents.

It is simple to set up and use the propane traps every day, but maintaining them takes a little more labor and time. Since these bigger devices entice more insects compared to the electric models, it can take more time to clean and empty these devices.

Bottom Line

Mosquito traps have been shown to be a successful method of controlling and killing mosquitoes and various insects. You can buy any of the aforementioned models because these gadgets do help up to a certain extent in lowering the mosquito population.