Chris Hemsworth in “Extraction” acts as a major source of inspiration in Mumbai Police’s lockdown warning

Mumbai Police draws inspiration from Chris Hemsworth's Extraction
Mumbai Police draws inspiration from Chris Hemsworth's Extraction

New Delhi: Mumbai Police has been sharing humorous posts on its Twitter handle for creating consciousness about Covid-19 among Indians since the beginning of the lockdown(i.e. from March 25).

The deadly virus has affected more than 35,000 people in the country.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle had earlier referred to a scene of Netflix’s most recent action-drama,’ Extraction’.

In one of the viral sequence, Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth’s character Tyler Rake negotiates with some Bangladeshi kidnappers in their mother tongue. He also speaks in fluent Bengali while asking them for proof. Chris says, “Proman dao”, which means show proof in Bengali, four times in 15 seconds.

The Mumbai Police has used a still of Chris Hemsworth from the movie,’Extraction’ to create public awareness.

Take a look at the tweet.

The tweet read, “Make sure you always have one before you leave home because – Hum negotiate ‘NAHI’ karenge.”

Earlier, Mumbai police had shared a meme referring to ”Gully Boy” starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor’s 2018 horror-drama ”Stree” to caution people against stepping out of their homes during the process of lockdown.

It read, “O corona Kabhi mat aana” (O corona, never come)  written on a wall.

Mumbai is the worst Covid 19 affected metropolitan in the country.