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This article will be a discussion of Dr. Stone Chapter 155. All the details regarding the manga series, including the release date, spoilers, recaps from the previous chapter. The real name of Dr. Xeno was revealed in the previous chapter, and it is Phil.

The full form of Phil is Dr. Strange Love because Phil stands for Love, and Xeno means strange. Dr. Xeno remembers the time when he tried to deactivate the bomb, but he thinks that he need not worry about the bomb; instead, he should love the bomb.

Stanley travels through the forest to fight with the Tsukasa squad, and he was armed with his machine gun. Stanley thinks that he does not stand a chance in combat, so he decides to attack them form distance.

Dr. Stone
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Dr. Stone Chapter 155, Release Date and Related Updates.

Dr. Stone Chapter 155 will be releasing on 21 June, 2023, Sunday. Moreover, you’ll be getting new chapters every Sunday, like always with other Shonen Jump Manga titles.

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What happened in Dr. Stone Chapter 154

The battle between the Kingdom of Science vs. the Kingdom of Science is about to begin, and as decided by Stanley, he will fight with Ukyo. To take down Ukyo and others, Stanley tries to make a movement cautiously, but Ukyo manages to maintain a distance between Stanley and others in the meantime.

Stanley makes use of his experience to close the gap between them as Ukyo was hesitating to shoot him.

Dr. Stone Chapter 155
Dr. Stone
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Where to read Dr. Stone Chapter 155?

The latest chapters of Dr. Stone will be available online as soon as they are released on VIZ media and the official Platforms of Shueisha’s Manga Plus.

The raw scans of the chapters are released 2-3 days before the original chapters are released. It is advised to you that you should read the digital copies from the official website only.