Edge of Tomorrow 2 | Is Part 2 Cancelled? Know Everything !

Edge of Tomorrow is an American Science-fiction film and is also known as Live-Die-Repeat. The movie was released in 2014 and is based on the 2004 Japanese book named, All You Need is Kill.

The book was written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The film gained appreciation and positive reviews from the fans and the critics. The sequel of the film, Edge of Tomorrow 2 is highly anticipated by the fans and is expected to be released somewhere around 2022.

However, any official update confirming the expectations hasn’t been revealed yet.

Edge of Tomorrow
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Edge of Tomorrow 2 Cast

Any official announcement regarding the cast of the sequel is not out yet, but chances of Tom Cruise playing the role of William Cage. Also, Emily Blunt will be reprising her role as Sergent Rita Vrataski.

The representation of the roles is highly dependent on how much they like the scripts of the sequel. In our advice, the movie expired in 2017, so they must think about recasting the roles for Edge of Tomorrow 2.

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The story circulates around Major William Cage(Tom Cruise), who is assigned the task of handling a landing operation against the aliens.

He gets killed in the combat, but wakes up again to realize the fact that he is stuck in a time loop. He died towards the end of the day, woke up again to expire again at night.

William tries to find out the mystery behind the time loop and join hands with Rita Vratski to enhance his fighting skills.

Edge of Tomorrow
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The story is based less on action and more on solving mysteries. This time, according to rumors, he’ll be in a different timeline. He will be joining Rita once again, but she won’t be knowing him this time.