Half-Life 3: Everything You Need To Know


After a very long break of thirteen years, the franchise of the Half-Life is expected to be revived. The main twist is, there are going to be some major implications on the story of the VR game this time.

Fans have been begging for so long for any positive news related to Half-Life, and finally, they got one. Valve gave us a hint of disclosing the plans for Half-Life, and this eventually turned out to be the greatest moment in thirteen years for the fans.

Half-Life Alyx
Image by – Forbes

Half-Life is an FPP(first per perspective) shooting video game. It was released for Windows in 1998 and is developed and published by Valve and Sierra Studios, respectively.

The game shows the scripted sequences seen through the eyes of Gordon Freeman, a scientist who struggles to find a way out of the Black Mesa Research Facility.

The Research Facility is invaded by aliens, and the core gameplay involves fighting the aliens and human enemies with the various weapons provided and solving certain puzzles.

Half-Life received a great response from both the fans and the critics because of its uninterrupted control of Gordon Freeman, Graphics, seamless narrative, and realistic gameplay.

Winning over fifty PC Game of the Year awards, it is considered as one of the most influencing games of the FPP genre.

Half-Life 3 Release Date and Storyline

According to Valve, it is clear that the makers of the game are ready to bring more out of the game’s storyline for gamers. When asked about the release date from Robin Walker and Chris Remo, the developers of the game, the plans are to release the third part soon.

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Well, the release will surely be dropped off till 2024 or maybe 2024 because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The production of the game is not possible in this scenario.

The storyline of the game will take place in the City 17, with Alyx breaking into a Vault, thinking that Gordon is trapped inside.