Inside Out 2: Know About The Release Date, Trailer and Plot.

Inside out movie (2015) (IMAGE: Wallpaper Flare)

Wondering about Inside out 2 release date, plot, cast, etc.? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered for you!

Cause for the high demand of a sequel

Needless to give any introduction, Inside Out was a phenomenal movie brought to us by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Almost 5 years after its release on 18th May 2015, this movie still remains to rule hearts. And why won’t it! Its innovative concept paired with the importance of emotions remains unmatched. The movie proved to be highly impactful for individuals belonging to all age groups.

Just as the movie came out, it was fantastically received by critics and the audience. Therefore, the expectations for Inside Out 2 are fairly justified.

The fact that Inside Out part 1 bagged the prestigious Oscar award in the category of Best Writing and Original Screenplay, proves that it is a movie of substance. Fun fact: Inside out was the 7th highest-grossing film in the year 2015! Do we need to give or you need to get any more proofs? Of course not!

Inside out: Riley with her parents
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Inside Out Part 2 Release Date and Trailer

Though sources say that a sequel was being planned since the release of the movie, there are no traces of the release date or trailer to be seen as of now. Pixar Studios currently seems to be highly engaged in fresh projects like Onward, Soul and more unrevealed ventures. This appears to be a new change unlike the continuous releases of sequels by the studio.

The ending of part 1 and the possible plot of part 2

Well, we can only guess about the plot of Inside out 2 so far. The first part, set in the mind of Riley, a young girl, depicted how her life and emotions functioned. Her 5 major emotions, which were also the other characters, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear governed how she coped with the new environment of San Fransico.

Towards the end, we see both Joy and Sadness taking pace and being at peace with each other. New islands of interest unleash for Riley and her existent islands of friendship flourish. At this point, Riley turns 12. Oops! Puberty alert!

Riley: A still from Inside Out
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The plot of the second part of Inside out

Since there is going to be a major change in Riley in all aspects, we might see many kinds of turns in Inside out 2. Though there is also a possibility of the story taking a loop of some years in Riley’s life, her personality and emotions will certainly transform. Will it be for the better or worse? Time will tell us that.

Cast and crew of Inside Out 2

We expect the main cast to be the same including Kaitlyn Rias, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, and others. Just like the first part, the person behind the concept of Inside out part 2 would almost surely be Pete Doctor because the plot was inspired by his and his daughter’s childhood.

Let’s hope we get to watch the sequel super soon!