Is Ronaldo the greatest football player in history?

Cristiano Ronaldo passing the ball.

Years mean nothing

That years do not mean nothing if you are devoted to achieving your goals, Cristiano Ronaldo is showing us every week. Although he is 36 years old, many younger players would be ashamed of Ronaldo’s stats. He is determined to be the best player in the history of football. So far, he is proving us that he (and Messi as well) is indeed the greatest player that played this beautiful game.

Highest goal scored in Serie A

So far, Ronaldo scored 18 goals in the Serie A. Currently, he is sitting in the top as the best goal scorer at the moment in the Italian Serie A. Behind him is Romelu Lukaku from Inter who scored 16 goals. Another man that defies his years is Zlatan Ibrahimovic who scored 14 goals so far. He is currently third highest goal scorer in the league.

You can see all of Ronaldo’s goals for Juventus so far here:

Highest goal scorer in the history

Recently, Ronaldo became the highest ever goal scorer in the history of football having scored over 780 goals in 1000 appearances for both club and country. To be precise, he scored 809 goals in his career so far. The interesting thing is that he does not plan to stop here. As if his goal is to reach 1000 goals in the official matches. If he continues with this pace, he could reach this milestone in two years when he will be 38 years old.

Currently, there is a huge “battle” between him and Lionel Messi over that status of GOAT (greatest of all times). The public have different opinion on this. Some claim that Ronaldo deserves the status of GOAT while others believe that Messi is the true GOAT. This debate will last decades after these two finish their careers. What is important is the fact that we were so happy that we were able to live in the same period as those two superstars.

Many experts are of the belief that the next two players who will replace Messi and Ronaldo’s rivalry are Erling Braut Haaland and Kylian Mbappe. We can just sit back and enjoy in the games ahead.