Julie and The Phantoms: These 3 Major Characters Die! SPOILERS!

Julie and The Phantoms

Julie and The Phantoms is ghostly comedic musical, inspired by Julie e os Fantasmas, a Brazilian TV series. This series premiered on September 10, 2024, on Netflix. Dan Cross and David Hoge worked for the creation of the series. It has released only one season with a total of 9 episodes to watch.

They Died!


In Julie and The Phantoms, the main characters of this series are ghosts a.k.a. Phantoms.

Julie, a high school student, loses her mom. She and her mom used to sing and play. She left singing since her mother’s death. While cleaning her mom’s garage, Julie discovers a new CD by a band called Sunset Curve. When she plays the CD, the singers of Sunset Curve who died 25 years ago come into the present, 2020.

Julie and The Phantoms Ghosts
(left to right) Reggie, Luke and Alex

The ghosts-Luke, Reggie and Alex convince Julie to sing again and form a band with the help of her best friend, Flynn. The ghost trio are only visible to others when they play together with Julie, and everyone thinks of them as holograms. The Julie and The Phantoms face many ordeals along the way and show how they deal with it.

Julie and The Phantoms
A still from the series! (left to right) Reggie, Julie, Alex and Luke.

Luke, Alex and Reggie died the day they were supposed to play at the Orpheum. The Sunset Curve contained one more member named Bobby. The trio-Luke, Alex and Reggie die eating hotdogs 2 hours before their Orpheum performance in 1995. And 25 years later, in 2020, they come back to Julie’s moms’ garage.

Julie and Luke
Julie and Luke!

Julie and The Phantoms Cast~

Madison Reyes as Julie, Charlie Gillespie plays the Sunset Curve’s main vocalist LukeOwen Joyner as the gay drummer AlexJeremy Shads as the handsome bassist ReggieJadah Marie puts up as Julie’s best friend-FlynnSavannah Lee May as Julie and Flynn’s ex-bestie CarrieCarlos Ponce plays as RayJulie’s papa. Sonny Bustamante remains as Julie’s younger brother and the believer of Ghosts-Carlos, Sacha Carlson as the boy-crush NickCheyenne Jackson plays the antagonist Caleb CovingtonBooboo Stewart as Alex’s crush-WillieSteve Bacic plays as Trevor Wilson/BobbyMarci T. House as Mrs HarrisonJulie’s school music teacher, Alison Araya as Julie’s Aunt Victoria and many more in Julie and The Phantoms.

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