Justin Bieber Once Told His Wife Hailey Baldwin That He Could Not Be Faithful To Her!

Justin and Hailey snapped liplocking
Justin and Hailey snapped liplocking: Image: E! News

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin marriage was a shock to most of their fans. They were only dating for two months when they got married in 2018. Before that Justin and Hailey dated briefly when Justin was in an on and off relationship with Selena Gomez.

Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding pics
Justin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding pic:
Image: Insider

However, this duo is married bow and celebrated their first anniversary with family and friends in 2019. Many said that this will be another of Hollywood’s quick marriage but more than a year has passed and they are still as happening as ever.

Justing revealed that when they were still dating, he said to Hailey that he could not be faithful to her. However, it looks like he can be faithful to her.

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What is happening in their life right now?

Hailey and Justin Bieber are as happy as ever. Recently they did a Facebook Live together where they talked about their sex life. Justin said he wished he could have stayed virgin till marriage.

Justin and Hailey are cooking together in quarantine
Justin and Hailey are cooking together in quarantine: Image: Google

On Ask Me Anything Live With The Biebers, a fan asked “Would you ever change anything if you could go back in time?” In reply, Justin said, “I don’t regret anything because I think it makes you who you are, you learn from things, but if I could go back and not have to face some of the bad hurt that I went through, yeah, I would’ve probably saved myself for marriage. I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t think it’s too much information, I think it’s helpful. Sex can be kind of, uh, confusing when you’re just kind of being sexually active with anybody…it’s just true. I would have probably saved myself for marriage.”

It looks like everything is just fine between them.