Selena Gomez Still not over Justin Bieber?

Was it a mistake?
Truth came out to be harsh for someone.

Hailey Baldwin has changed her surname to Bieber, since 2 year she has started to use his surname. The marriage of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Beiber, a Canadian singer, actor and also a songwriter. Official they got married in 2018 in New York Courthouse. Later in September 2019 they traditional wedding ceremony.

Ex not more the past love?
A decade still feels like yesterday?

Is Selena Gomez not over Justin Bieber till now?

After a decade long on and off is Selena Gomez not overcome her past relationship, thousand questions are remaining un-tounched.

How did Selena and Justin Beiber Love story came out?

When they were seen cudding, Salena Gomez was 18 and Justin Bieber was 16. Later, putting the news out of any romantic play at bay. They were usually shipped by the name “Jelena”, Justin and Selena.

Their journey of romantic rides was filled with many ups and downs, the span of 30 days they could be seen kissing in the news years eve giving public a clue about their relationship starting. In 2012, The moments of giving love were getting short of justin Beiber and Selena couldn’t hold her in her life. Helicopter rides, renting an entire stadium just to watch movie and pregnancy rumours.

Lover may fade but not the memories.
Right or left?

Isn’t Selena Gomez over? 

Many girls came in Justin Bieber’s life but the only lucky one to get “Bieber” that was Hailey. In 2019, Not long enough from their marriage Salena came out with a new song, “I need you to love me”, indicating that she never got over this relationship with Justin Bieber.