Why did Hailey Baldwin almost break her Marriage With Justin Bieber? Keep reading to know more!


As per reports, now Justin Bieber is opening up more about his relationship with Hailey Bieber. When he came on The Ellen Show on January 28, he spoke about his affair and engagement. He also confessed that at the beginning, he was doubtful about the wedding with Hailey. Bieber said that he was too scared even if this question popped up.

Why was Hailey ready to break her marriage with Justin Bieber?

As per reports, Hailey Baldwin came to know that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Lyme disease, quite newly. At that time, they did not completely understand the disease or anything about the intensity of the disease. When they got to know about the disease, the wedding preparations were not the topic of discussion. At such a time, they were more busy figuring out how to react to the disease rather than the wedding.


Later, in the meeting, she added that they got a feeling that his fans were having a wrong opinion about him when he was sick. People started blaming him that he was on narcotics. It was only his friends and family members who actually knew what was going on.

Baldwin said, at that time, she was figuring out his illness, so she did not think that marriage was on the cards. It was surely his health more important than marriage for her.

As per reports, it was very difficult for Hailey to grieve her relationship with Bieber.

Hailey’s statement about the mutual break that they took

Hailey said, “It is grieving when you forfeit someone that you really, really loved and cared about. I looked after about you so much that I was like, It doesn’t even matter to me if he’s in my life in, like, an emotional way. I want us to be in each other’s lives, and that be OK”.

Justin and Hailey
Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin

Now, when she looks back, Baldwin says that the time apart from Bieber was the best. It was the time that gave each of them their own time to do their things. This time made her realize how much she values her relationship with Justin.

Now, they are happily married and also enjoying their life. It was just a phase that passed eventually.

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