Maitreyi Raleishan says No! to Marvel Studio?

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The Newcomer girl, Maitreyi Raleishan, played the lead role in Netflix’s original show Never have I ever. She made an entry in the series genre through her lead role in this show.

The show is hugely loved by the youth, However only one season is out. Yet the reach of the show has made a good mark in the Netflix series line.

Next is Marvel movies?
Marvel Studio giving her a chance?

What did Maitreyi Raleishan said no to?

No, say Maitreyi Raleishnan to the role of Kamala Khan if Marvel asked her to play this part. The newcomer hopes that her starring role on the Mindy Kaling show helps all the south Asian girls to pave their ways, says on the Entertainment Tonight Online.

She expressed her thoughts on why she wants to deny the show even before the offer is out to her.

It is the reason why, she told Entertainment Tonight that she will surely say no if Marvel Studios approached her about playing their first Muslim Superhero.

Muslim Marvel Superhero? Maitreyi Raleishan
Netflix to Marvel Studio?

Did Marvel Studio approach her for a Superhero role?

On Entertainment Tonight, she said that she would say no if Marvel studio approaches her to play their Muslim Superhero role.

As the newcomer feels a bit differently about this. She said that she saw a few posts about this thing, but honestly, she would say no to it. The role Kamala Khan belongs to Pakistan, whereas she belongs to Tamil.

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If there were any Tamil superhero, she would not like to see a Pakistani girl playing that role. She says it is not fair for the Pakistani community if she takes up a role because she is Tamil.

She made her decision wisely.Maitreyi Raleishan
No to Marvel Studio?

But on the other hand, Maitreyi would love to be a part of the superhero movies and said she could be Deadpool’s adopted south Asian daughter!

The actress has a love for the superheroes, and she would love playing any role as she adores Marvel.

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