Merry Happy Whatever Season 2: The Mischievous Quinn Family Is Back, Release Date And Cast


Merry Happy Whatever is technically a traditional family sitcomyet it’s unlike any you’ve seen before. While other shows’ seasons usually take place over a year or so, the entire first season of this one is jam-packed into just one week, during Christmastime. With such a unique season structure, it begs the question of whether there’s any story left to tell in a Merry Happy Whatever Season 2. Well, according to one cast member, even though Christmas might be over for the show’s family, the calendar is filled with plenty of other holidays that more seasons of the series could follow.

Merry Happy Whatever tells the story of the super tight-knit (and sometimes overbearing) Quinn family as they celebrate Christmas together. Bridgit Mendler (who you may remember as Teddy from Disney’s Good Luck Charlie) plays Emmy, the youngest of the four Quinn siblings. She brings her boyfriend Matt (Brent Morin) home for the holidays, where he has to face the intense scrutiny of the tough-to-please Quinn patriarch Don (Dennis Quaid). Season 1 ends after Matt has won Don over and all the holiday festivities have ended. But there’s plenty more of the Quinns’ story left to tell. And while a Season 2 has not announced, Mendler has some ideas for how it could go.


“The cool thing about the holidays is that you do have your time away from the flow of regular life to think about things,” Mendler says to Elite Daily. “For Emmy, she winds up thinking about so many different things about her life that hadn’t come into focus before, so it’s really like a jostling experience over the holidays, but it winds up being a good thing ultimately.”

But it’s not just Christmas that can make all this happen. The idea of celebrating a variety of holidays is baked right into the title of the showthe “whatever” in Merry Happy Whatever leaves room for all the many special occasions that families experience together.

“What would a season around Halloween look? Valentine’s Day? What can we do?” Mendler says. “I think it would just be fun to be with everybody again.”

If Season 2 does get the green light, Mendler says she will feel quite comfortable stepping back into Emmy’s shoes for more celebratory fun.

“I do relate in a lot of ways to Emmy,” she explains. “She’s ambitious, she can have her way of doing things, she’s very independent. And she also really thinks for herself. She has this person that she loves, and as much as Mendler wants her family’s approval, she cares about doing things the way that seems right to her.”

Season 1 of Merry Happy Whatever is available on Netflix now.

What did Will happen In Merry Happy Whatever Season 2?

The plot of the first season ends with Matt winning over the entire family and committing to Emmy. Emmy’s sister, Kayla’s wedding, has been canceled as she revealed that she is gay.

The so so romance between Kayla and her ex-husband’s assistant will be an exhilarating sub-story to the main storyline. There’s also the marriage ceremony taking place between the protagonists, Patsy’s pregnancy, Sean’s food truck, and the story of Nancy and Don.

There isn’t any limit of Quinn storylines for an assured future to Merry Happy Whatever Season 2; in fact, the scriptwriter Tucker Cawley doesn’t want it to end either.

Who Is Starring In Merry Happy Whatever Season 2?

Bridgit Mendler plays the central role of Emmy on the show; she gets astonished what “a season around Halloween” would like. “Valentine’s Day? What can we do?” she said in an interview with Elite Daily. “I think it would just be fun to be with everybody again.”

The viewers very much loved the roles and are likely to be replicated within another season. The announcement from the streaming giant about the continuation is very likely to be out this Christmas.

The cast includes Ashley Tisdale, Bridgit Mendler, Brent Morin, and Dennis Quaid.

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2

Said in the interview, the series could be out on a different vacation like Halloween or Valentine’s day as Bridgit Mendler reported it. Also, it might be interesting working with the team.

When Will Merry Happy Whatever Season 2″ Will Release?

Netflix doesn’t yet revive the show’s next season; however, there might be an idea of the release date shortly. The season could launch in November 2024 in the case of a vacation treat to all of us. A lovely internet vacation treats one might say.