Mother Looking For Answers Regarding Why Her Son Had To Die As A Consequence Of A Road Rage Incident


HOUSTON — Harrison Schmidt’s mother is optimistic regarding something; somebody knows what happened for her son on Halloween night.

“When you’re there, what did you detect? I just have to know, what did you detect?” Advised Angelica Halphen.

For 18 days, Halphen maintained her son’s hospital room full of positivity.

Halphen told though Harrison was held at a medically induced coma, he appeared to recover, and she allowed her ideas to turn toward healing. Regrettably, infection set in and immediately climbed.

Halphen told the night of the shooting Harrison was encouraging a member having a ride, that is what attracted him into W. Airport and Fondren. Halphen advised that her son needed a generous soul rather than refused that a friend in need.

“I have used to me,’Mother, I must go help someone,”’ informed Halphen.

Police requested Harrison’s passenger and came off with a sketch of a black or white man at 30s or 40s with dark hair, a receding hairline and acne scars. Police advised the the shooter was driving a black or grey 4-door, Dodge Ram pick-up.

Halphen told the character of all fight her son may have experienced stays obscure. Halphen told her son maintained a joyful, cheerful mood his entire life, making it almost impossible for her to reconcile Harrison with a fight with anybody on the street.

This was only 7:30 p.m. when Harrison was captured; plenty of cars were on the road and trick-or-treaters were outside. Halphen is sure someone noticed something.

The family members and Crime Stoppers will also be taking donations to try to improve the reward.