No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 11; The End is Near

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The fans of No Guns Life are all set to enjoy the final two episodes of the season.

No Guns Life is a Japanese anime series written by Tasuku Karasuma. The Horror Fiction series is in circulation since 2014 although that isn’t the only version. The TV Series adaptation of the comic debuted in 2019 with the first season. The series is into the second season and very much in the climax of it. Also, it’s remarkable how the franchise already has a significant following in a only one full year.

The penultimate episode is all set to premiere soon, and people are getting thrilled. Episode Eleven of Season two will surely set up the climax of this instalment as well a potential future.

No Guns Life Media
All the exciting characters from the popular show in action to make the series set up an excellent finish.

When can we Episode Eleven to premiere?

18th September, 2024 is the scheduled day for the premiere of No Guns Life season two’s second-last episode. The initial broadcast will occur on the local Japanese TV on various channels. However, the timing will differ for the global audience. The Japan Standard Time of release will stay at the usual 21:58 hrs. It’s a weekly release so noting out of ordinary changes for this part either.

For the English speaking audiences, there’s no need to worry. All the top anime streaming sites have already gotten the show. On the same day Crunchyrollw ill come out with the version containing English Subtitles. However, viewers will need to wait a bit longer for an English dub version to come out.

The second season itself was going to premiere in April 2024, and however, due to the pandemic, it got a bit of a delay. The season eventually kicked off on 10th July, 2024.

Reactions to the franchise so far:-

This anime is super-underrated, the story is unique, and the plot is well written. Also, it has a sense of mystery, characters s very likeable, and they all have their special parts in the story, and every player can change the direction of the story.

This anime is something unique; the tale of a man with a gun for his head! Great pacing and an unexpected twist of action and thrill. Starts on a rather grim note, pushing you deep into Inui’s world and doesn’t explain much. However, after the first few episodes, things start getting more comfortable to understand rather quickly. The show’s pacing varies from one episode to another, but it’s gradual enough for viewers to keep up. All that while being dynamic enough to enjoy the explosive action scenes.

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