North Carolina Officer Jordan Kita Fired: Tried To Forcefully Enter A Teen’s Place!

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A North Carolina sheriff’s deputy, Jordan Kita, fired and faced criminal charges. He led an angry white mob, who was searching for a missing girl, to a black teen’s home. There they attempted to force their way inside as reported by the authorities.

Jordan Kita fired!

Jordan Kita, former New Hanover Deputy, was on duty in uniform. He carried armed weapons when the incident occurred on May 3.

On Friday, Pender County District Attorney Ben David confirmed that they charged Kita with forcible trespass, breaking the willful failure to discharge duties. Kita was a deputy at the New Hanover County Detention Center.

Who else punished?

Also, as reported by Star-News, the commission charged Robert Austin Wood for going armed to the fright of the public.

What does the Sheriff say about Kita?

The New Hanover Sheriff Ed McMahon stated on Friday that upon hearing about the incident that involved Jordan Kita, he immediately began an internal affairs investigation.

After discussing with District Attorney, Pender County, and Sheriff Alan Cutler, they arrived upon a decision to terminate Kita from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

What was the incident?

The Associated Press reported that Kita led the team searching for a 15-year-old girl. She was reported missing. They tried to forcefully enter the house of Dameon Shepard, a senior at Laney High School in Wilmington.

James Lea, against Kita!

James Lea is the attorney representing the Shepard family. In a letter obtained by WECT in Wilmington, he wrote that the men were looking for Josiah.

Josiah and her family lived next to the Shepards but had moved out about a month before the incident. The men looking for Josiah rushed to the Shepard home, where the teen was awake and playing video games.

The men entered the place forcefully and began to demand information about the girl’s whereabouts.

Shepard mentioned his name many times and also pointed to the sign in his front yard containing his name and pending graduation from high school.

The men overlooked all of this and continued their demand. One man had a shotgun while the other carried an assault weapon.

Lea also clarified that on Shepard’s attempt to close the front door, Kita stuck his foot in the doorway and forced to get inside.

By the turbulence occurring at the door, Monica Shepard, the teen’s mother, woke up. Kita wanted to enter the house and have a closed-door interrogation to which Monica denied.

The group eventually realized that they were at the wrong address and began to break up. Almost at the same time, Pender County sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene.

Later on, they found the 15-year-old safe.

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Monica in terror!

Jordan Kita Forcefully Enters The House Of Shepard

On being asked about the arrests, Cutler answered the reporters that the threat was already defused. The investigators decided to take additional time to conduct a check out hearing on what took place.

Monica Shepard went in grave shock by a mere thought of the scene. It was so dreary that she avoided any conversation about the day.