Dear Deidre: My Boss Pregnant Me But I Wanted To Plan Family With My Husband

boss with her

Dear Deidre: My husband wants to begin a family with me. But I get pregnant after I did physical activities with my boss.

I’m writing this letter to you because I don’t want to reveal this thing with many people with my name. Please help me out.

I am 32 years old married woman. And I am working as a receptionist in a car showroom. It’s been eight years since my marriage with a person who is 40 years old. 

I work with a smile because it is one of the most needed things for my job. But inside, I am so sad and worried about a thing.

My husband and I have never been capable of giving born to a child despite attempting for four years. We have had many tests, but they can discover nothing wrong. The result of tests is always clear that we can’t get anything.

This Christmas, there is a pre-celebration in our town. In which there are many events, I had participated with my office people just after my office gets shuts off. After the game, we stayed in a hotel for the results and drinks.

While drinking, I and my boss, who is 45 years old, went outside for the smoke. He is married with three little children.

I put my ankle in my high heels on the way back in. It was harrowing. My boss tells me about it, so I got it checked. We went off to A&E. After two-three hours, he said to me it was only bruising, but there was no option that I’d get up three flights of stairs to our flat.

He told me it was so late to disturb my husband to take me from here. That we went back to the hotel and he booked a room for me.

I get inside and put my bag down. Boss help me to get my shoes off, and then he looks at me, and the attraction was immediate. It feels good for a moment.

He was a wise and caring for me. I looked at him, and he looked into my eyes, and he kissed me and took off my clothes.

Then, we got physical and made complete action. The next morning when I woke up, he’d gone. And after that, my husband comes to pick me up.


Then, after some days on Christmas evening, I suddenly realize that I am late for my period. I did a test and found that I am pregnant. I am in such a bad situation. Getting through Christmas day trying to show me normal was a nightmare. What should I do?

DEIDRE says:

It is a mistake, but since you are guilty and that making you panic about it. For this situation, you can do two things in my view.

You know that it is your boss’s child, but if you want to go forward and have this baby, the best option is, to be honest with your husband and stay in the hope that he can welcome this opportunity to become a father.

If your husband does not agree and you are going to be a single parent, your boss has a lawful duty to help support you for his child. He may need to do DNA tests, but I believe he will be an involved dad.