One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date, All Theories By Fans And Everything!


One Punch Man is the very famous Anime series. It is the other series of one of the leading evolutionary manga. Till now, there are a total of 2 seasons out there, and there is a waiting for One Punch Man season 3.

This series is currently the most praised anime series. Because everyone loves to watch Saitama, a man who is known as One Punch Man, he is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the anime world. After winning the heart of everyone from the last two series, he is coming back with season 3 to rule over everyone’s heart.

Releasing Date of One Punch Man Season 3

We have the releasing date of season 3, and it is expected to release on September 22, 2024. However, from the past many months, Covid-19 has affected every series and movie.


Also, this date is given before the lockdown of Coronavirus, but we think that they will delay this series. Because there are many things which they cant implement in this lockdown. So it’s better to lose hope for season 3 in this year of 2024.

We hope to release this series soon so that we can spend our time seeing our favorite hero. They might release it by the starting or mid of 2024.

We don’t know that wether this series will launch on a given date or not. But Here is the timer of Releasing One Punch Man Season 3.

Plot might be for Season 3

In the last episode of season two, we show that the monster association saves Garou, and now he will come back with more energy in season 3. He will be the main enemy for Saitama in season 3.


In season three, the plot might be expected around all the details of Saitama’s life. And we think that Garou will also get more screen time this time.

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We will get to see many fights and challenging scenes in the next season. And for this time, it will be different because Saitama is not able to defeat Garou with one punch. So it will be fantastic to catch season 3 to watch a fight between them.

So this is it, for now, stay tuned with us for more.