Paul Rudd: Ant-Man Star Has A Message To Give To You And Your ‘Dank’ Squad! Check It Out

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Paul Rudd is using his fame for good in hilarious way with an announcement for the good of public health.

Paul Rudd has been the protector of so many as the superhero character he portrays. However, he’s not Ant-Man for a change, he’s just himself. Also, rather than saving people in the fictional universe, he’s doing it in reality.

The threat isn’t a giant robotic squid or a purple man with ambitious plans, it’s a tiny virus. However, this might be the most dangerous thing that the planet has encountered in the 21st century. Almost one million people have lost their lives to COVID-19 worldwide and tens of millions are suffering.

Even after all that, the threat is nowhere near its end. People need to help the healthcare professionals by taking as much protection as possible to prevent an uptick in the graph of Corona victims.

Paul’s latest appearance in a PSA:-

New York has been hit the hardest by the global pandemic, especially in the US. The city became the global epicentre for about two months and got shut down. Never die and Never give up attitude of NYC is what makes it the capital of the world. And the whole big town is fighting back and getting back to normalcy.

The governor, Andrew Cuomo isn’t in the positive light after allegations of mismanagement of the pandemic. However, he’s trying to do everything to make the citizens aware of the precautions. For that he’s looking for celebrities to encourage the people with various PSA.

The latest one featured actor Paul Rudd with a piece of hilarious advice to his fellow young citizens. Taking on the persona of certified young person he chinked out some great comedic information. The satirical video was aimed at young people with the objective of making the concept of “safety” feel cool.

Paul Rudd dropped a few golden quotes along the way:-

“Yo, what up dudes, Paul Rudd here, actor and certified young person.”

Adding to the fun was his “homie”, governor Andrew Cuomo:-

“He’s just going off about how us millennials need to wear masks, because, get this, apparently a lot of Covid is transmitted by us millennials … So Cuoms asked me, he’s like, ‘Paul, you’ve got to help, what are you, like 26? And I didn’t correct him.”

This video message is part of a campaign helmed by the goverm=nor in order to make people wear masks. This is to contain and curtail the spread of the virus. Paul isn’t the only actor featured in the PSAs either. Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, Rosie Perez and Kaitlyn Dever are all lending their popularity for the cause.

What is a PSA?

PSA is a well know abbreviation for Public Service Announcement in the United States and globally. Authorities usually use this method to make people aware on a mass scale.

Due to the year 2024 and the disaster it has brought, PSAs have become a staple throughout the US. However, it’s very important to follow these regulations to help the government plan against the disasters. Also, it’s a duty to protect our nation and our people.


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