Revisions Season 2: Airdate, Cast and Plot


Directed by Gorō Taniguchi Revisions is an anime television series. The series was premiered on January 10, 2019, on Fuji TV‘s +Ultra programming block. Revisions is one of the most anticipated anime television series.

Revisions: Cast and Plot Details

Kōki Uchiyama will give the voice of Daisuke Dojima, Mikako Komatsu will return as Milo, as will Nobunaga Shimazaki as Chang Gai Steiner. Rie Takahashi will voice Chang Lu Steiner, Manaka Iwami will comeback as Marin Temari, and Soma Saito will return as Keisuke Asano too.

Virgin River 2: How Long Will We Have To Wait For It?

Revisions revolves around a young boy who was kidnapped in his childhood. Later he was thrown into the future, i.e., 300 years from now. The story is based on his struggle to fight the mechanical monster named Revisions.


Is it renewed for the second season?

After watching the overwhelming response from the first season of Revisions, the second season is already on the cards. However, it will take exactly two years from the premiere of the first season to drop its second season.

When will the second season release?

The second season is supposed to drop somewhere in May 2024, but due to the unforeseen reasons, we can expect a little delay in the production. However, it will release its second part next year only.