Sherlock Holmes Is Back!


After a very long wait, we will finally be able to watch detectives back at work. Good news for Sherlock Holmes fan is Sherlock Holmes is back with its third sequel. The film will surely hit the screens on December 21, 2024.

It seems like we got one more reason to welcome the next year. Not only Sherlock Holmes but Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad and Indiana Jones 5 will also show up in the screens next year. This one didn’t come up on cards as expected, but next year will undoubtedly full of enthusiasm and entertainment.

Sherlock Holmes 3: Cast, Release Date, Plot, Spoilers And Everything You Need To Know

It’s been eleven years since the first part of the famous film released in cinemas. The movie gathered millions of eyes and tons of appreciation from the audience. It was a blockbuster movie collecting a total of $524 million, marking its way to the highest gross film of 2009 worldwide.


Created from the characters of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the movie is based on crime action mystery. On one side where London is engulfed under the terror of brutal murders. The best detectives Sherlock Holmes and his partner in crime-solving Dr. Watson takes charge to catch the murderer.

Sherlock Holmes 3: Plot and Characters

For now, we don’t even have a blind idea of the plot, but all we can say is Sherlock Holmes never fails to impress the audience. As always, this part will too suck you in with its thrill, adventure, mystery, and of course, action.

After giving Sherlock Holmes a face, it is quite sure that Robert Downey Jr. will be in the main lead, also accompanied by his loyal assistant Jude Law. As assumed, Mary Morstan, Lord Coward, Irene Adler, Lestrade can also be part of the film.

Robert Downey, Jr.

So those who are missing Robert Downey Jr., gear up yourself to watch your Iron Man in detective uniform.

Do we have a Trailer yet?

No, we don’t have any trailer. Also, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we haven’t heard any official statement, but as soon as any update arrives, we will inform you. Till then, you can refresh yourself with this.