10 Simple Corporate Gifts Recommendation to Thank Employees for Their Hard Work

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One effective way to show your appreciation for the hard work of employees who have good performance is by giving gifts to them. Not only can it serve as an appreciation but a gift can also be used as motivation so that employees can continue to work optimally.

This is very effective to make sure employees can feel confident, and to increase their productivity and performance. You don’t have to buy something very expensive in order to give something to the employees, just make sure that what you give will be useful for them.

Here are 10 recommendations of gifts that you can give to the best employees in your team.

1. Reusable Water Bottle

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The last but not least gift you can give to the employees is a water bottle. Choose a water bottle with a durable and made of high-quality material, thus your customers can get the best water bottle. Check MyOwnWater website to get the best reusable water bottle for your hard-working employees.

2. Notebook

A notebook will certainly be useful for employees to take notes or write their daily schedule. Thus, if you make it as a gift it will be very useful for them. Choose a notebook made of leather cover, to make it fancier you can even emboss your employee’s name on the book cover!

3. Laptop Bag

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A laptop is one of the employee’s most-priced items. Without it, your employee won’t be able to work properly. Thus, giving them a laptop bag to cover and protect their laptop at all times is a very thoughtful gift. Choose a laptop bag made of polyester material with an ergonomic design that has two handles for easier grip.

Make sure that the size of the bag is suitable for your employees laptop. Apart from being useful for carrying a laptop, you should also choose a bag that has several additional compartments on the outside and inside, thus employees can bring more aside from their laptop.

4. Decorative plants

Decorative plants are an excellent addition to any home or office space, adding a touch of natural beauty and a sense of calmness to the environment. These plants not only beautify a space but also provide a range of physical and mental benefits. They purify the air by removing pollutants and toxins, reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and promote creativity.

There are many different types of decorative plants to choose from, including succulents, ferns, orchids, and bonsai trees. These plants can be placed in pots, vases, or hanging baskets, and can be displayed on windowsills, desks, shelves, or any other suitable surface.

One of the most popular decorative plants is the succulent. These plants are very low maintenance and can survive in a variety of environments, making them ideal for busy individuals who do not have the time to care for plants regularly. Another popular option is the fern, which is known for its lush green foliage and air-purifying properties.

5. Table Lamp

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A table lamp is an essential accessory for any workspace, providing the necessary light to enable employees to work efficiently and comfortably. Table lamps not only provide additional lighting but also add to the aesthetic value of the workspace. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, making it easy to find one that matches the d├ęcor of the office.

When choosing a table lamp for your employees, it is important to consider the type of bulb it uses. A yellowish-white bulb is ideal for a work environment as it provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, which can help to boost productivity and morale. The lamp’s brightness should also be adjustable to cater to individual preferences and ensure that the lighting is not too harsh or too dim.

6. Pencil Holder

A pencil holder is a practical and useful gift for employees, providing a convenient and organized way to store pens, pencils, and other stationery items. With a pencil holder, employees can easily access the tools they need to perform their tasks, without having to search through cluttered drawers or desks. This simple accessory can help to improve productivity and efficiency, ensuring that employees have everything they need to work effectively. A pencil holder can also be customized with the company’s logo or branding, making it a great way to promote the business and show appreciation for employees.

7. Mugs with Motivational Quote

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Employees will need mugs so that they can easily drink coffee, tea, or even milk during working hours. You can purchase a mug with motivational words on them, to help the employee feel energized upon looking at the mug after such a long and hectic day. You can purchase a mug above made of ceramic material, so that it can be perfect for drinking coffee or tea while working.

8. Headphones

Headphones will be a multifunctional gift that can be used by the employees while they listen to songs or when they take part in online meetings. You can choose wireless earphones, or regular headphones, whichever you choose this will still be one of the best and most useful gifts for your employees. They will definitely love it!

9. Portable Fan

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Especially if your employees often go to the field for work matters, a portable fan can be the best gift choice! Purchase a portable fan that can work with rechargeable battery power and is made of ABS plastic material. Be mindful also of the fan noise level, so it won’t disturb them when it is used.

10. Storage Compartment

An organizer or special compartment can help to make the work desk tidier. Thus, you can also choose this as a gift for your employees! You can purchase storage that can be flexible, thus they can put it easily around the working area.

From the ten gift ideas above, which one do you think will be best to give to your employees? Whichever you choose, keep in mind that what’s important aside from the gift itself, is the kind words and appreciation that you convey to them. Thus, make sure that you do not forget to do so!