Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 12: Release Date and Preview. (Warning spoilers ahead!)


Sing Yesterday For Me has arrived at its last episode of the season. So in this post, we are going to discuss Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 12 release date, see, and spoilers. Till now on Sing Yesterday for Me: Uozumi invests the vast majority of the energy with Shinako without thinking about Haru’s sentiments. Haru continues hanging tight for Uozumi with the expectation that she may win his heart one day.

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 12 Release Date and Updates

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 12 will be released 21 June 2023, at 1:30 AM JST. You will consistently get new episodes on Sundays, and remember to represent the time contrasts on the off chance that you need to get the episode when it is released as the time recorded here is in Japanese standard time.


Already on Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 11

Haru sees somebody attempting to break inside her loft she calls Uozumi. Uozumi came to help, yet he considered the police and gave an announcement of what has occurred. The police left with a guarantee that they will explore when the sun is up since there is a great deal of break-ins of late. Haru disclosed to Uozumi that he is a caring individual, and he won’t live a young lady alone in this state.

Uozumi chose to rest at Haru’s place, and he requests that her loan him a sweeping, then Haru expresses gratitude toward Uozumi for coming. Toward the beginning of the day, Uozumi appears to have overlooked where he is, yet Haru brings breakfast for him. Haru gets envious because Uozumi isn’t praising her cooking, and she said she would ask Shinako to show her how to cook. Yet, Uozumi needed to mention to her what’s going on among him and Shinako. He requests to utilize a restroom as he was frightened to chat with Haru.

Sing Yesterday For Me
Sing Yesterday For Me


Later Haru went to work and heard that the police figure out how to catch somebody who break-in close by. At night Uozumi went to the shop with Shinako. They returned and shared supper. Shinako revealed to Uozumi that food tastes better when you share it with somebody, then she gets a call from Morinome, and it is Rou.

Rou inquires as to whether he can carry the fish for him to impart to her; however, Shinako stayed silent, and she is with Uozumi. Rou asks as to whether she is with somebody, yet she said she is separated from everyone else. Uozumi believes it’s smarter to leave; however, Shinako instructed him not to let Rou get some answers concerning them since he is reading for his tests. While Uozumi is leaving, Shinako powers the fire by saying he will stay with him on Sunday.

Uozumi met again with Shinako, and he was going to kiss her, then she just disclosed to him that she isn’t prepared. Haru came, and she sees that those two are infatuated. Haru told Uozumi and Shinako that she realizes that it will wind up like this since Uozumi likes Shinako; however, it’s not reasonable that they saved it for Rou. Haru began crying since she adores Uozumi, who isn’t keen on her.

She wound up, grinning, and flee. Uozumi advised Shinako to quit being mysterious and enlighten Rou concerning them Rou, who is enamored with Shinako. At night Rou discovers Shinako and Uozumi discussing their sentiments, and he asked what is happening between them.