Spider-Woman movie confirmed by Marvel

Spider-Woman feature
Fans of MCU are excited and there's no reason to not be.

Marvel will never entirely leave us at peace. As soon as the audiences take a breather, there’s some new buzz in town. The latest is a hint towards a movie dedicated to Spider-Woman.

Curiously, MCU has left this character untouched in its significant franchises. Neither Avengers nor the parallel universe has had any mentions of this famous superhero.

However, we are in for a revolution. With Phase Four, there’s a rush of new blood in the MCU. Like Deadpool, Black Panther and Falcon(heir to Captain America), Spider-Woman is a step forward.

Some would compare Jessica Drew’s moral conscience to Loki.

Where’s the fire for the Spider-Woman smoke?

Olivia Wilde, a famous American Actor and Filmmaker, is at the center of the report.

She confirmed a news article that goes onto say that Marvel and Olivia have agreed upon a deal to develop and direct a movie around a female superhero. That “female superhero” was also cleared up in Olivia’s retweet. For those who know the MCU, this symbol means one thing and one thing only.

Spider-Woman Tweet
This retweet with the Spider Symbol has sent the rumor mill into motion, that too in full swing.

The history of Jessica Drew:-

In the early 1970s, Marvel decided to create several female versions of some of Marvel’s characters that were popular at the time. This, however, had more to do with getting ownership of the names for the future. This experiment lead to the creation of Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, and Missus Marvel.

Out of this trio, Spider-Woman quickly became a prominent marketing co-mascot. Obviously, to go with Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Captain America. They appeared on various Marvel-branded licensed merchandise. Additionally, serving as their cliche model for female superheroes competing with DC Comics owned longtime icon, Wonder Woman.

A Marvel show in the 1980s alters the backstory for Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. The comics, as we understand, have complicated origin stories. Meanwhile, one of the imaginary stories, portrayed her growing up in the 1920s. She was struck by radiation poisoning, then she stopped aging normally where she slowly grew to adulthood over several decades.

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