The Eternals: Release date And Plot [ Must Read ]


MCU is introducing phase 4 superheroes into their list. They have given the official announcement of this recently in San Diego. 

This comic-based movie is going to be one of the films of phase four movies of Marvel.


The directors of the film are Chloe Zhao and Mathew, while Ryan Firpo is the scriptwriter.

Release date of the movie:

The creators of the film have released the time of the release of The Eternals movie on November 6th, 2024.

Star Cast of The Eternals:

The creators of The Eternals have released the list of the Star Cast along with their roles. The following are those:

  • Angelina Jolie will be playing as Thena.
  • Richard Madden will be playing Ikaris
  • Kumail Nanjiani will be playing Kingo
  • Lauren Ridloff will be playing as Makkari.
  • Brian Tyree Henry will be playing Phaistos.
  • Salma Hayek will be playing Ajak.
  • Lia McHugh will be playing as Sprite
  • Don Lee will be playing as Gilgamesh
  • Barry Keoghan will be playing as Drug
  • Gemma Chan will be playing as Sersi
  • Kit Harington will be playing as Dane Whitman
  • Paul Dano will be playing as Eros
  • Matt Willig will be playing as Zuras.

Plot Of The Eternals:

The creators have not released the exact plot of The Eternals movie, but we can deduce that the storyline is going to be quite similar to the Marvel comic books.

The Eternals are a group of immortals who have an excellent place for their vast life in human history. This is going to be a love track between Sersi and Dane Whitman. Both Eternals have two different supernatural powers.

Their love story is going to many serve significant twists and turns along with a lot of ups and downs.

Along with Sersi and Dane Whitman, creators will also introduce Warlord Kro in a negative role for the movie.

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