The Gift Season 2 Ending: How Will Atiye Save The New World?

Poster of 'The Gift' Season 2, Image Source: Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Gift Season 2’ takes the protagonist to a parallel world where she faces a different set of challenges and possibilities. The show builds-up on mythology while also pushing the constraints of time and space. Due to all these elements, the story becomes more exciting, but also convoluted as it progresses. The season ends with a massive cliffhanger. Here’s an explanation of what it all means.

Plot Summary

Atiye (Beren Saat) is transported in a parallel universe where everything is a little offbeat as compared to the other universe. Cansu is alive here, but she is not her sibling. Her name is Elif (Melisa Senolsun), which was also her original name back in their world. She and Erhan (Mehmet Günsür) are adopted by Serdar, who takes them in after the death of their parents. In this world, Atiye’s parents never meet, implying that she was never born. When she meets her father, she finds out that he is still working as a cop. Her mother has been institutionalised because she discussed a lot about things related to Atiye and her whereabouts. She is the only one who identifies Atiye here. She tells her about her destiny to save this world, where all pregnant women are dying.

‘The Gift’ Ending Explained

In the last episode, the two worlds clash as Atiye tries to make her way back to her original world. After Serdar shoots Erhan, he takes Atiye away with him to find the door at Gobekli Tepe. On the way, he starts running short of breath, and his condition worsens, that leads to an accident. Atiye saves him, and Serdar reconsiders his course of actions. He also comes clean to Atiye, and we finally start getting some answers.

In the first season, we saw that Serdar was communicating with someone through the screens of his phone, laptop, and even television. These people wanted him to determine the location of the door between the two worlds. Since only Atiye knew about it, he had to focus all his resources on having her around. In the original universe, he did so by seeking to wed her with his own son Ozan. In the second universe, he tries this by keeping Erhan close to him, knowing that she will eventually come looking for him.

Still from the Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘The Gift’
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While we still don’t know who is controlling Serdar’s actions, but we know that they are an organisation. What started in this universe only recently for Atiye and Erhan has been operating behind the scenes for a long time. In this season, we also find out that this is not the first time that Atiye and Erhan have fallen for each other. From Atiye’s intuitions, it is unveiled that they might as well have been together back when all of it started. They are kind of Adam and Eve who the stories engraved on the stone talk about. The organisation knows about them, and they also know that Atiye and Erhan can solely determine the course of events in the world. Not just them, but their child is also an essential link to this mystery.

Serdar also informs her that this organisation is accountable for the death of pregnant women in the second universe. Due to the harmful effects of overpopulation, the organisation decided to put a stop to it. They did something ( we don’t know what yet) that made the babies turn into a poison for their mothers. Still, Atiye can cure this disease by giving birth to her daughter. Since she can save the second universe from dying, she decides to come back.

After facing all the challenges, Atiye finally succeeds in locating the entrance to the cave and finds the doorway to the original universe. From the other side, Erhan also enters the cave looking and reaching out for her. They reunite in the middle of it finally, and this is where Atiye tells Erhan that she will soon give birth to their daughter. She soon realises that if she goes back to her original universe, the one that she has left behind will unquestionably be doomed. Without her, pregnant women will keep on dying, till there no one will be left on the planet. Even though it is a forceful and challenging choice, she bids her final goodbye to Erhan, and goes back to save her new world.

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