The Great Heist: Who Takes The Fall ? Ending Explained

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Based on the 1994 24.072 billion pesos heist in Columbia, The Great Heist, a six-part series on “the robbery of the century” released on Netflix this 15th of August. After watching just one or two episodes, almost anyone would be able to draw out the parallels between The Great Heist & Money Heist.

Just like the latter, The Great Heist also draws great inspiration from a real-life heist. It does deviate a bit away from the original story, however. Apart from adding a lot of emotion to each character by giving them an intense backstory, Netflix’s ‘The Great Heist’ has also managed to deliver an impossibly gripping series.

The Great Heist Ending Explained :

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We start with an introduction to Chayo, who is in debt from head to toe & is unable to provide for his family, desperately seeks a shady old connection for help.

He is then suggested to be part of a heist, that would bring him all the possible riches he could ever think of & put an end to all the troubles of his life for once and for all. Chayo agrees to this plan & along with a team of experts, they attempt to steal from Colombia’s Bank of the Republic. Once he finds some hope, he does everything to make this heist a success- from getting funded by a dangerous criminal organization to getting the cops on his payroll.

Even after all the unforeseen complications lead to some minor hitches, the plan works out, at least initially. Little did the team know that their troubles have just begun.

After successfully making more than twenty-four billion pesos during the heist, Chayo and his team separate after dividing the total sum and start getting their affairs in order. But due to unexpected obstacles, they do not get the happy ending they had expected after all.

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All their efforts go to waste once the cops and the bank declare that all the stolen bills with their unique numbers are out of circulation. The money they finally obtained after so many hardships is not only rendered useless, but it can also be the reason they end up in prison as well, for anyone who comes across the bills could report them to law enforcement anytime soon.

Jackie ends up being in trouble as she financed her heist through her relations with The People. Jackie’s most loyal acquaintance is killed by the organization, but she still decides not to be a snitch and tries to run away instead of handing over Chacko & Molina instead, ending up getting killed by Kike.

The People also threaten Chayo, but by the time they get to him, the bank is forced to lift its restrictions on the stolen bills making them legal once again as prohibiting twenty-four billion worth of currency was not working out for the economy of the country.

Chayo’s plan for a perfect heist starts falling apart when one of the members decides to follow his separate plan.

Matters begin to get out of Chayo’s hands after Estiven offers to raid the millions worth of coins once breaking into the vault becomes more troublesome than they predicted. Other members of the team decide to side with his plan instead of Chayo’s. But, Sardino saves the day by knocking some sense into everyone, preventing the heist from falling apart.

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After this incident, Estiven comes out as rather an unreliable ally & Chayo doubts if he should trust him with the responsibility of transporting all the money.

Estiven cooperates during the next task, but eventually, he becomes the domino that leads to the fall of every other member. He tells their entire plan a cop he is in a relationship with, leading him to The Dragon, who is forced to choose between the money and his family’s safety.

Once The Dragon mistakenly believes that the ones who attacked his family were affiliated with Moroy, the police officer who had worked with them during the heist, he gives him up.

The next lead of the cops is Molina, who tries to get a kidney transplant, but his attempt to get a new life fails as it is revealed that his previous wounds had not completely healed. With an expiry date looming over the horizon, a hopeless Molina decides to surrender to the cops, taking the responsibility of the heist, believing that this way, he would be able to leave enough money for his wife and save Chayo as well.

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After Dragon gets arrested for the robbery, things take a turn for the worse when Chayo’s wife discovers that her husband was involved in the heist too. Putting one final nail in the coffin she too, leaves Chayo making his life & all that he has worked for meaningless. A heartbroken Chayo pays a visit to Sardino, to reach out for some support.

But it turns out that Sardino does not respect or love him anymore. He expresses his anger towards Chayo for not accepting him as his son in front of everyone and asks him to leave. Chayo takes his share and hides away in the countryside; for now, he has nowhere else to go. The cops catch up with him three years later, and he gets arrested.

The heist turns out to be a game-changer for good, only for one man, Sardino. The rest end up paying the price.

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