The Order Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and all that you should know


The Order, the supernatural horror-drama series on Netflix, created by Dennis Heaton and Shelly Eriksen for the Netflix to stream, the show revolves around the story of Jack Morton, who is out in search of revenge for his mother’s death.

The Order Season 2 – Trailer

Since no trailer has been launched yet, the show is assumed to be still under post-production.

The Order Season 2 – Release Date

In March itself, the show has renewed for the next season. The filming had begun in August and was wrapped up by November 2019. Though no official date is announced for the show, it was expected to air in 2024 but is likely to get postponed due to COVID-19. Moreover, it can broadcast in the upcoming couple of months.

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What might happen in The Order Season 2?

As there have been no official clues, the story of what might happen is still a mystery. However, the next season is going to be ten episodes as the previous one. In a teaser, it was shown that Jack Morton and co. were pouring some highly volatile potion on an old book, which turned it to flames.

Also, the plot might bring the dark magic world with Jack and Alyssa to get familiar with a lot of unexpected things in the society. Jack’s father might bring a lot of twists too.

Sarah Grey, who plays Alyssa on the show, said that it is going to involve a lot of humor. Thus, the next season is expected to be a little light.

The Order Season 2 – Cast

  • Jake Manley as Jack Morton
  • Matt Frewer as Pete Morton
  • Sam Tramell as Eric Clarke
  • Sarah Grey as Alyssa Drake
  • Adam Dimarco as Randall Carpio
  • Katharine Isabelle as Vera Stone
  • Devery Jacobs as Lilith Bathory


The order Season 2: Fan Theories

Fan theories expect Jack Morton’s family secrets to unveil a lot more this season, and that will bring a new equation between Jack and his father. However, these are just fan theories, so nothing can be concluded with surety.