Virgin River Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Natural Scenery in Virgin River

Netflix’s Virgin River shows nurse practitioner Melinda Monroe (Mel), who suddenly leaves L.A. and moves to the town of Virgin River to join a medical practice with Doc Mullins.
The series is based on the romance novels of author Robyn Carr.

Is the Trailer for Virgin River Season 2 out?

The second picture for the series has not been renewed yet. So, we might have to wait a little.

Virgin River Season 2 – Release Date

The release of season 2 is confirmed by Netflix and is expected to release by the end of 2024. It will probably answer all the questions that have been popping up in the minds of the curious fans.
The filming for the second season has been ongoing since September 9 and concluded filming on December 17, 2019. Once again, the filming took place in Vancouver in Canada despite being set in rural California.

Virgin River Season 2 – Plot

The exact plot is still unknown, and the fans are wondering if they will see Jack and Mel’s romance sparkle again. Season 1 ended, showing Jack leaving town and Mel calling Joey to tell him that she was returning home. Season 2 is expected to resume from where season 1 ended after Jack proposing Mel and trying to convince her about having a future together. The fans are eager to know that will it work this time or not?
Season 2 will meet Finalegar of Finale, where she gives some answers about her pregnancy when she strays far from the warning that she feels Virgin River was for her. While he was out of town, Jack was the best decision for her.


Virgin River Filming Location – Does it really exist?

Most of the fans have a question in their mind that where exactly this romantic web series has been shooted?

Robyn Carr mentioned Virgin River Town in his novel located in California, USA but in reality the place doesn’t exist.

The Virgin River is shooted in Vancouver, Canada, mostly filmed at a tributary of the river Colorado that spans Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

Virgin River Season 2 – Cast

The cast of Season 1 consisted of:

  • Martin Henderson
  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe
  • Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes
  • Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth
  • Colin Lawrence as John Middleton

There are some new additions to the existing cast.

  • Carmel Amit will play Jamie
  • Donald Heng as George
  • Keith MacKechnie as Nick
  • Steve Bacic as Wes
  • Thomas Nicholson as Leo Cavanagh
  • Lane Edwards as Sheriff Duncan
  • Marco Grazzini in the role of Mike

Will Jack and Mel meet in season 2 of Virgin River?

Fans are excited to know if Jack and Mel will make it in season 2, but the odds are set against them.

Virgin River Season 2 – Fan Theories

There are a couple of fan theories stating that as Mel was going back to L.A., she would keep missing her life in Virgin River and, thus, Jack. She seems fighting against herself and the situation where she misses Jack.