The Walking Dead Creator Reveals The Major Story: The Story Of Final Episode Read Here


The Walking Dead is an American horror TV show. It is based on a comic book series which is written by  Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. This story contains the base of the Zombie attack. And our cast is the survivor of those zombies.

There are a total of 10 seasons of The Walking Dead show.  In which season 10 is currently running, and the last episode of season 10 is still yet to come.

But there is a twist in the background because the showrunner of this show has just revealed some story of the last episode. Now we can assume that it might be a publicity stunt to gain some publicity or to get some excitement in the audience.

The Walking Dead showrunner dropped the spoiler.

As we all know, that very loved character Maggie was nowhere to be seen in the series since the last season(season 9).  But now it seems like Maggie will come back in season 10 to give many new exciting parts of the season. Well, we didn’t expect her to come back this soon, but they got her in.

Recently, We got the news of the delay in the season. We also get the trailer of the final episode of the show. It clears us that Maggie will come back in the season. She will also reunite with the liked of Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus).

It is not quite easy for the team to survive in this situation. Let’s see what Maggie brings in to the season.

Here it the tweet from the official page of the walking dead on tweeter,

Maggie is coming back to handle the Vengeful Beta. 

Well, we all are waiting to see Maggie in the form though the situation is also too tough for her to handle single handily. But with the reference of a recent tweet by the showrunner Kang, we can say she will make a pair with Carol and will take down the beta soon.

However, we have seen many problems in between Maggie and Carol we are hoping that they will make it aside and find a path to live and to take down the Beta.

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Moreover, the showrunner Kang has teased the possibility that Maggie will play a crucial part in this ongoing drama of Beta hellbent on revenge. This also means that a major Carol and Maggie partnership will be the duo to finally defeat Beta! However, whatever happened in the tenth season until now, Maggie may have some issues with what Carol has done. That’s what we need to look out for.

They have captioned this tweet as, “The Whisperers have our survivors surrounded… Stream the latest episode of #TWD On Demand or the AMC App before the season finale later this year.”

We hope that they will get something interesting ln the duo of Maggie and Carol. And I also want to see them to take down vengeful Beta. Stay tuned with us for more.