The Witcher: Netflix gives a Peek behind the Camera

The Witcher Feature
Netflix is rousing fans of "The Witcher" with bonus content and special behind the scene access.

The Witcher” was a big gamble on the part of Netflix. Although, we have seen adaptations of lots of visual content into movies and shows over the years.

Video Games, however, have not been the most significant source of great TV shows until this recent inception. The Witcher debuted in 2019 and became an overnight sensation. The series has brought along a fantastic cast and crew. Also, a massive fanbase has followed, adding to the ready-made gaming fandom.

For every great show, productions want to keep the fans excited. Especially in between two seasons, and that’s the situation after the season finale for the inaugural season.

The Witcher Media
Netflix is rousing fans of “The Witcher” with bonus content and special behind the scene access.

“The Witcher” Behind the scene documentary:-

Until we can get back with season two of The Witcher and Geralt’s new adventures, Netflix is giving us some footage from Making of The Witcher, i.e., behind the scene footage in the meanwhile.

The teaser for this documentary came out on August 26th, 2024, via The Witcher official twitter handle. Meanwhile, the information came as a surprise for everyone.

The full 32-minute bonanza is now streaming on Netflix.

The show is a real phenomenon in every sense of the phrase:-

The universe that The Witcher has created is a universe with its dynamics, creatures, characters, faith, even if it is a bit different to those who’re familiar with the game and not the movie narrative.

The setup in the first two episodes carry the risk of being too confusing while reflecting the details of this universe to the viewers. After these initial episodes where it is a problem to get which character does what fully, the narrative becomes more photogenic as the other players start building their stories.

Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer are the holy trinity for the show. One of them, Ciri, who was advised to find Geralt when the enemies took over her lands. The other is Yennefer, a kind of witch whose aim is to gain as much power as possible.

When does The Witcher S2 debut?

No official confirmation has come yet on the schedule for the season 2. The projected production starts in late 2024. If the plans stay in shape and no further delays come up, we can expect a release in early 2024.

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