4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your AA Batteries

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The fact is that people prefer devices that they can use remotely. It is quite convenient when you can avoid all those things that require a cable connection. However, a lot of devices are using standard alkaline batteries instead of those implemented li-Ion. In that matter, you should pay attention to proper selection and always have a spare pair so you can avoid the struggle.

There are many devices where you will need these batteries, like remote controllers, toys, digital cameras, flashlights, PC mice, keyboards for your PC, and more. If you want to use all of these devices without the need to replace the battery too often, the best option is to buy the right model, like the one that you can find at eblofficial.com

Trying to save some money by buying cheaper models is never a good solution since you might get one that will cause leaking, which can damage the device. On the other hand, there are some ways to extend the duration, and we are going to introduce them to you in the following article.

1. Be Sure to Power off Devices When Not in Use

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One of the most common mistakes people are making is when they leave their devices on all the time. That is especially the case with a wireless PC mouse and a keyboard. If you are facing a situation where you need to buy new batteries all the time, this might be the main reason for that.

Therefore, create a habit where you will power off the mouse and keyboard when you are not using the PC. You will quickly notice the difference. That can extend the life for a couple of months depending on how frequently you are using them.

2. Store Them in the Right Way

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A lot of people often buy a whole package of batteries to keep them at home so they can replace them whenever it is needed. That will help you to never face a struggle when your remote stops working, along with wall clocks, and many other devices. The great thing is that many of these items can work for a whole year or even longer if you choose good batteries.

However, keep in mind that the ambient can affect the duration of spare ones even though you weren’t using them at all. For example, if you keep them on a table in the daylight all the time, or it is too hot in the room where you stored them, it will cause a much lower capacity even before you install them. The average drain rate is around 2% per year, but it can increase to over 20% at higher temperatures. You should avoid keeping them in a colder place as well since that might affect the performances.

3. Choose Rechargeable Models

This is one of the most convenient options you can choose. It is especially beneficial if you are often using devices that require more power, like toys, digital cameras, or flashlights. It can become very expensive if you need to buy new batteries all the time. The same is for microphones.

In that matter, getting a charger and proper batteries is the best way to avoid the struggle of facing the situation where you cannot use the device without a replacement, and spending a lot of money on new ones all the time.

However, keep in mind that not all batteries can be charged. You might manage to charge a non-rechargeable model a couple of times, but the capacity will be significantly reduced each time until its losses all of it. Also, you are risking leaking that can damage the charger and other batteries in it.

Moreover, it can be a mistake if you leave them to charge overnight. That is especially the case if you don’t have some advanced model of a charger with automation that will prevent overcharging. Also, you will save the cycles if you charge them more often. There is a limited number of cycles in batteries that can be charged, but the right approach will help you use the same model for a whole decade without any issues.

4. Use the Right Model for Each Device

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Not all of the AA models that you can find on the market are the same. There are differences in the number of cycles, quality, capacity, and power output. If you need one for a device that requires more power, those cheap options might drain too quickly. On the other hand, you should not have any issues if you choose them for a wall clock, TV remote, and similar devices that don’t need more energy.

Still, investing more in a high-quality model is always the best option, even when it comes to less-demanding items. Adding a pair of high-quality batteries to your TV remote will secure a whole year of running time, while those cheap models might require replacements every couple of months, and even more often.

Also, we have to mention that buying a whole package of spare batteries is not always the best option. It might appear convenient, especially when you find an offer where you can save some money. The reason for this is that keeping them for a longer time without use will only affect the capacity and duration once you start using them.

The Bottom Line

It might not seem so important to some people since there are many places where you can find all kinds of batteries, and they are not too expensive products. However, it can be very annoying when you are playing a game, and your mouse is not working due to an empty battery, and there are no spare ones at home.

Therefore, the best option is to buy the right models according to your needs. If you need standard AA for your keyboard and mouse, you can buy a pair of each of them, and another pair to keep as a spare. Buying more than that is not a good solution since they will only lose capacity over time, which is a waste of money.