What Type of Surfboard Is Best for Small Waves?

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Surfing is a different kind of sport that is not for everyone. There is a lot of prepping and a lot of learning and it takes a lot of time to learn to balance on the water.

Unlike any other sport where you are firmly pressed to the ground when surfing the only thing that is holding you above water is your board. It will be made of several different materials and they will all be floating ones but the amount of float will depend on your balance. The number one thing you will need to start surfing is a board and the type of board you will get depends on the place you are surfing and what types of waves you are going after. The next thing you need, but not necessarily, is the wet suit which will keep you warm in times when the water is a bit colder but thanks to winds and other factors, the waves are a bit better.

Once you got all you need it is time to set off and go surfing right?! Well yes and no. you still need to consider which types of waves you will be riding and according to that what type of board you need. Today we will talk about small waves and the board you need but before that, we want to recommend you try Surfing in Switzerland for what you need, so visit this site to find everything in one spot.

The Fish Board

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Smaller waves should be all about smaller boards, right? Again, yes and no. The Fish will offer you an easy way to generate speed on waves that are fat, slow and small. It will make you get through those fat and slow sections and maintain its speed over that. Even when you are feeling too slow this type of board will give you that electric feel and make even the most frustrating surf, fun and enjoyable. This style of board is highly recommended to anyone that is at an intermediate level or above. This goes especially for those that are looking to get the most out of those small average days. If you are one of those and if there are a lot of small and sluggish waves on your beach then go ahead and give The Fish a try and see how it performs.

High-performance small board

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This is the board that everyone will use on the days that you still have smaller waves but are a bit more quality than usual. This means that your waves are fat and small but have a bit more punch in them and you need something to control those a bit better. These are the boards that won’t generate the speed as easily but what they are good at is maintaining the speed when they achieve it. what makes this board different that The Fish is the fact that the fish will feel wobbly and slippery on a high-speed section whereas the high-performance small board will give you the ability to push harder with more speed in those steeper sections. The downside is that on the fatter, slower and sluggish waves this board will not hold as well and it will not generate the speed you need. This board punishes mistakes more than the fish and you will see it the first time you mess up your weight distribution. This board is suggested for those of you that are intermediate surfers and above who are looking to advance your surfing and take it to the next level.


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Longboards would be bad for small and sluggish waves at first glance, and in some cases they are. What is it that makes them even more notable and usable when talking about small waves? Well, the fact that they make surfing, paddling, catching waves and standing up on it riding so easy are the things that make it so desirable. Longboards will have you stay relaxed and have fun the entire time no matter what the waves are. With these boards, believe it or not, you can utilize waves that are ankle-deep with almost no speed and it will allow you to stay up and riding and have more than a good time. This board is suggested to every surfer no matter the skill. You will paddle easier with it; you will hold balance easier and get into waves easier with the longboard. The longboard will not offer the manoeuvrability of the fish but it will offer the control that can be easily learned and improved upon especially while advancing to more skill-demanding boards.

Mid-length board

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Now as the name states this board is mid-length and it is a hybrid between a longboard and a high-performance small board. With the mid-length board, you will have a paddling power of a longboard and more manoeuvrability than the standard longboard. This is what makes this board a great choice for a lot of surfers. With it, you can perform tight turns in the pocket and you will still be able to get into waves very early and with ease. You will not struggle to maintain speed and balance and the level of your enjoyment on the waves will keep growing more and more. Since this board is a size and manoeuvrability hybrid it is also a cross between intermediate surfer board to above intermediate to pro surfers that are looking to have a lot of fun.

At the end of the day when you are trying to make decisions on the surfboards that you will use you need to think about how you want to surf, the wave size and the wave type that you will be surfing on. You can also do a lot of research to see what kind of boards can help you tackle those waves and help you surf the way you want to under certain conditions.

The last thing and nowhere near the least important is to always have fun. Surfing is just about that and freedom on the open sea and waves to do what you want, how you want for as long as it is possible. The sea will continue to offer chances of having fun on it but as long as you can see it, predict it and meet it with the right kind of board.