Who Is The Mystery Man In Biohackers? Ending Explained

Biohackers, Image Source: Netflix

Biohackers is a must-watch series for every sci-fi junkie. It explores the theme of genetic evolution and also delivers a thrilling & gripping narrative at the same time. Watch the trailer below!


As one may comprehend, genetic engineering is useful in altering the genetic fabrications of organisms in such a way that they may acquire magnified or advantageous abilities for better survival. In reality, researchers and scientists who study this field extensively are well-aware of its drastic consequences. But in the fictional narrative that we follow, evil scientists use genetic engineering to an extent where they defy their moral compass to play god. So if you have completed Biohackers, continue to read a detailed description of the show’s ending down below.

Biohackers Ending Explained:

We follow our protagonist Mia Ackerlund whose real name is Emma Engels (Luna Wedler). We learn that she was very close to her brother, who died young, along with 198 other kids in a genetic trial. This childhood incident leaves her traumatized, and now she wants to avenge his death by exposing the woman at its core, Dr. Lorenz.

Emma does not operate alone. She is helped by a fellow student Niklas, along with her roommates. Not just them, but Emma also gets supported by a man who claims to be her murdered father’s old kin. This friend’s identity is revealed right in the final five minutes of the sixth and final episode, when, after saving 20 people’s lives, Mia gets kidnapped by the same man she was working for.

The last episode moves us to a strange park where Emma meets the man she worked for. She gets asked to bring along all the gene samples of the children murdered by Lorenz’s experiment. She delivers these samples to the person promised. This person who has been guiding her, her father’s friend, turns out to be Lorenz’s acquaintance whom we meet earlier in the show.

Lorenz, who was also an associate of Emma’s father, greets the other man as a friend who was unusually genius at genetics. He explains about how he wandered into journalism despite his brilliance. He informs Amma about the close circle is he and Amma’s father were members of. We are given a hint that this journalist may actually be a friend of Emma’s father.

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The Big Twist :

But then he does the unthinkable, and this very prodigal daughter plot turns into all lies and deception when this journalist friend forcibly acquires all the samples. Emma gets grabbed and carried away into a van.

There she meets her arch-enemy Lorenz, who is also tied and duct-taped inside the vehicle. The mystery man acquires the samples, their creators, and the only thriving result of this experiment, Emma, who has superpowers. Once kidnapped, Emma and Lorenz must plan to get out of this wicked mastermind’s grasp.

Since this man used to be quite the science prodigy, it is safe to assume that he might not have much favorable plans for Emma. What he will do to Emma & Lorenz- this mystery will get unfolded only when the second season arrives. But till then, we’ll have to wait with this major cliffhanger:

Who really is the mystery man in the last episode?

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As this season approaches an end, Emma does manage to deceive Lorenz and gets away with all the DNA samples required to validate Lorenz’s forbidden genome experiments. In the closing sequence, she meets a mystery man who claims to be her parents’ companion. Emma believes him and hands him over all the DNA samples, expecting him to expose Lorenz’s secrets to the world. To her surprise, the man kidnaps her and throws her into a van in which she also finds Lorenz.

Unveiled through one of the initial scenes, we get to know that the man who abducts the two is Dr. Andreas Winter. He is a former scientist who now works as a journalist for Stanford Quarterly. Emma trusts him with the DNA samples because she thought he could use his voice as a journalist to expose Lorenz’s secrets to the world. However, the ending suggests that Andreas, in fact, aims to use Lorenz’s research to his own advantage.

He apprehends that although Lorenz’s experiments killed almost all test specimens, they worked very well on Emma. By procuring all the tested DNA samples and kidnapping Emma and Lorenz, he aspires to create a supreme genetic alteration that allows everyone to gain an immune system as strong as Emma’s. This development, in turn, will help him earn a whole lot of fame and bring him several monetary benefits.