Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia Cancelled Or Renewed?

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Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia, is a brilliant animated action-adventure series streaming on Netflix. The third and final installment of Dreamwork’ “Tales of Arcadia” series. Meanwhile, knowing the fact that Guillermo Del Toro creates this animated series. And that is such an elite namedrop for any feature piece.

But, even with this glowing overview, the series has run into the rumor mills. We have heard rumors about what the future holds for this show. Although, we’re often quick to reach conclusions. But Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia is part of a much bigger setup.

Dreamworks Project

Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia¬†is based upon the Arcadia tale chronology. The two preceding series’ have been: Trollhunters(2016-18) and 3Below (2018-19). The minds behind the creation of the characters are Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus. But, Netflix has kept their cards close to their chest up until now.

The idea seems to be that the progression of this trilogy into a much bigger conclusion than what has come into the light for us.

Wizards-Tales-Of Archadia
Wizards: The final show in Guillermo del Toro’s Tale of Arcadia.

The Plot for the Series

The plot follows this set of heroes, who must do their part to stop the Arcane Order, banish Gunmar and ensure that history plays out as it should. The apocalyptic war involves Trolls, Aliens, and Wizards.

With Wizards, The creators have settled the story for now. But to think that this is the end for the universe will be foolish.

The creative input of Del Toro will not rest on its laurels. The big concluding picture will come on the floors with Netflix, sometime in the future.

Future of “Tales of Arcadia”

With the three animated series’, the creators have set up the three factions: The Trolls, The Aliens, and The Wizard.

Let’s introduce to you, Trollhunters: Rise of The Titans. The reported apex future blockbuster will premiere on Netflix. The rumored dates have put the optimistic scheduled release, somewhere in late 2023.

This movie can serve one of two purposes. One, They might reunite the universe for one epic war, one last time, and give De Toro to go all guns blazing and deliver a mega climax.

But, the less obvious and much more intriguing way, would be to let the creators come up with a way to extend the series, or a possible spin-off. You and I can only imagine how huge the effect can be if Trollhunters: Rise of The Titans acts like a swiss army knife. Giving an end to the original Tale of Arcadia and birthing a new universe.

With Guillermo Del Toro, you never know, and that’s the genius of an Academy award-winning director.

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