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Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date, Production Status, And Other Updates

Dr. Stone, Season 2: The coming of Dr. Stone Season 2 is finally confirmed on the weekly Shonen Jump issue #3 of 2020. The second season of Dr. Stone will extend the story of the Stone Wars arc acclimated from the Manga series. For the Pandemic situation, it has become challenging to maintain the exact schedule of the anime platform, But everyone is working hard to resume it. In the post, you will find the release date, the trailers and the spoiler of the season 2.

When is Dr. Stone Season 2 going to release?

Accordingly, it is under the assumption that Dr. Stone Season 2 is going to release in Japan in July 2020. Unhappily, there is not a confirmed date yet. We will keep you updated when the confirmations come out for the same.

Dr. Stone: Production of Season 2

This is likely an announcement from the Shonen Jump. It was like they have important news to announce to their fan community. But, then this was followed by leaked scans of the next issue of the magazine. Shortly after, the official Twitter for Dr. Stone went on a confirmation that the anime would return with another season.


Along with this tweet, a short teaser video was also posted on the Twitter account. Although the teaser didn’t reveal muchBut once again, it confirmed that the next season of Dr. Stone would accommodate the Stone Wars arc.

The leaked issue had engaged with the fans. It also revealed that the second season has been confirmed. The same studio will likely do the Second Season as the first season. For fans, it is excellent news because the first season was worked on brilliantly, especially when it came to photography and animation quality.

Dr. Stone Season 2 Trailer:

Here is the latest trailer of the upcoming season debuted at the jump fest event. Here Senku, Chrome, and Gen displayed the joining fists in preparation for the forthcoming Stone Wars Arc.

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