10 Alarming Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You

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While everyone craves the perfect, fairytale-romance marriage, the reality is that such nuptial unions don’t exist. Instead, what we have in the real world is often messy, with loads of baggage from both individuals.

Sometimes, these issues can pile up and become unbearable till one party eventually wants out. Unfortunately, though, most partners who want a divorce don’t speak up immediately.

Instead, they leave trails of their intentions with subtle signs that can confuse the other half of the union. However, to clarify your suspicions, we’ve also put together some signs your wife is changing her mind about the divorce.

With the worrying statistic that 50% of marriages in the US will either lead to separation or divorce, we’ve also discussed what to do when your wife wants to leave you. Enough long talk; let’s dive right in.

How Do You Tell If Your Wife No Longer Loves You?

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Partners often display some unmistakable signs when their hearts are no longer in a relationship. However, we may ignore these signals because we’re avoiding the reality of losing those we love.

Some people, though, skip the signs and seek ways to find hardcore proof of their partner’s dying love for them. Thus, my husband may need confirmation that all is well by searching the Internet for articles on “how to read my wife’s text messages from my phone” click here.

However, if you’re not the kind of person to snoop through your partner’s text, you can still pay attention to some behavioral patterns to discover if your wife wants a divorce.

While deciphering these signs might come off as strenuous, we’re here to help you out. Dive into the next section to discover if your wife wants to leave you.

10 Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You

What are some of the signs your wife is over you? Here are 10 prime scenarios indicative of your marriage nearing its end.

1. Constant Arguments

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Does my wife really want a divorce? Well, if she’s constantly picking fights with you, she’s probably fed up with the marriage and doesn’t care how bad things can get anymore.

Of course, we know that every marriage has its fair share of disagreements. However, when there’s hostility and all you two do is fight, the end could be in sight.

2. You Have Neglected Her for a Long Time

Affection is a crucial part of every romantic relationship and marriage. Consequently, if you’ve denied your wife love and care for a long time, she may begin to consider leaving the union.

So instead of asking, “Is my wife going to divorce me?” you should backtrack and ponder on how much attention you’ve been paying to her emotional needs.

3. She Constantly Criticizes You

If your wife criticizes you, there’s probably no need to keep asking, “Does my wife want a divorce?” Constant criticism is often a solid indicator of a marriage that’s nearing the end of the road.

4. You Know in Your Gut

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If you find yourself constantly asking questions like “Does my wife really want a divorce?” or looking for signs your wife is leaving you, you already know deep down in your gut what’s happening or about to happen.

Those questions constantly running through your mind may indicate that you already know the truth, but you’re looking for external validation instead.

5. A Non-Existent Sex Life

Sexual intimacy is a vital part of marriage, and while couples can get too busy sometimes, they should also make time to have sex. However, if the sex life between you and your wife is practically non-existent, there’s a high chance that she’s considering leaving you.

There’s no need to go on the Internet and search for “How to know if your wife wants a divorce,” “Is my wife going to divorce me since we no longer have sex?,” or “I think my wife wants to leave me but how do I know for sure?” The fact that she’s ignoring you in the bedroom shows she’s already cutting ties.

6. Your Wife Spends More Time Away From Home or Is Focused on Other Things

If your wife spends more time away from home than usual and focuses more on other things, she’s probably distracting herself from you and the marriage. These actions, in turn, are indicative that your wife might seek a divorce soon. As such, your “my wife is leaving me” fears may quickly become a reality.

This distance between the two of you may also be one of the signs that your wife likes another man and she’s having an affair.

7. She’s Always On Her Phone

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Most people often ask, “How do I know if my wife wants a divorce?” Well, if she spends a significant amount of time texting and giggling sheepishly at her phone, she may be having an affair, and resultantly, might seek a divorce soon.

8. There’s No Communication

In most troubled marriages, it’s not uncommon to hear things like, “I think my wife wants a divorce because we no longer communicate as we used to.” In truth, this premise is valid as a breakdown in communication, more times than not, leads to a divorce.

So, if you and your wife barely talk these days, it may be time to brace yourself for the inevitable.

9. There’s No “I Love You”

One of the healthy practices in marriage is frequently saying “I love you” to each other. When this habit is lacking, something is probably wrong.

If you’ve been looking for signs that your wife is rethinking divorce, you should pay attention to how often she reassures you of her love or if she has stopped doing so.

10. A Recent and Dramatic Change in Her Appearance

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While it may not be the most obvious, one of the signs your wife wants a divorce is if she has started paying more attention to her looks. While this might come off as her paying more attention to her style, chances are she’s putting in the effort to look attractive for someone else and not you!

What to Do If Your Wife Wants a Divorce?

Your wife seeking a divorce can shatter your world. That said, there’s still hope of getting her back before everything is finalized.

Instead of sulking and overthinking questions like “Is my wife serious about divorce?” “My wife is going to leave me; what do I do?” or “Why does my wife want a divorce?” you should talk to your wife and find out what went wrong and the steps you could take to sort things out.

If she’s not willing to work things out, you’ll have to let her go, regardless of how much it may hurt. With time, you’ll heal and move on.