Cells At Work Season 2 Anime series coming soon! Know when.

Cells At Work Season 2 (IMAGE: Pinterest)

The makers have confirmed that Cells At Work Season 2 will be soon brought to the Japanese Manga series fans. Know when you can watch the second season of this perfect blend of biology and comedy.

Written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu, Cells at Work is an Anime series with a never seen before concept. The series was first introduced in the magazine Monthly Shonen Sirius starting from March 2015. Later, it was adapted in the form of an Anime Television series. It was telecast from July to September 2018. In total, the first season has 13 scenes.

Cells At Work

The first season introduced a unique concept which shows two anthropomorphized cells in the human body. Basically, the story is set inside a human body where countless anthropomorphized cells function to keep the body fit.

Cells At Work
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The main focus is on 2 cells, namely, A Red Blood Cell called AE3803 and A White Blood Cell, U1146. The Red Blood Cell is relatively new as it gets lost in deliveries. On the contrary, the White Blood Cell is strong and persistent in the body and fights the harmful germs.

Cells At Work season 2 release date, trailer and plot

As per reports, the second season of the series is in its production process right now. It is set to release in January 2024The official trailer of Cells At Work Season 2 was released on 21st March 2024.

Talking about the plot, the series doesn’t have a fixed storyline throughout the first season. There’s a different story that every new scene tells us which is damn fascinating! The same pattern is expected from Cells At Work season 2 as well.

Cells At Work
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The series is very informative and people learn about their bodies in a way that hasn’t been seen ever before. So, it doesn’t get boring at all. The way the scenes are created keeps the viewers engaged. Cells At Work has not been dubbed for an English form. But, we can watch the season in Japenese with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Conclusively, we can’t tell about when the production process will resume as a result of the present coronavirus pandemic. Stay tuned for more updates.