Complete:’Occasionally a celebrity is worth more dead than alive.’ Brittany Murphy’s half-brother breaks a decade of silence to blame her’accidental’ death on the celebrity’s debt-ridden husband, stating she was killed in a jagged deal gone bad’


Tony Bertolotti runs throughout the conspiracy theoriesto this day, unsure what to believe. But there’s 1 fact he’s convinced of his sister has been murdered.

On December 20, 2009, Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy collapsed in her toilet at her Beverly Hills mansion and later died in hospital at the age of 32.

Five weeks later, her British husband Simon Monjack, a nearly unknown screenwriter, died in comparable circumstances in precisely the exact same house. Her mum Sharon, who was living with the couple, was allegedly present both times.

The Los Angeles coroner Ed Winter ruled the deaths were due to anemia, pneumonia and drug intoxication, following dozens of prescription tablets were discovered in their own systems.

However, Murphy’s half-brother Tony Bertolotti – a sibling out of her dad Angelo’s first marriage – doesn’t believe it and says Murphy’s death wasn’t an accident.

It has been 10 years since actress Brittany Murphy collapsed at her Beverly Hills home and died of supposed ailments and drug intoxication on December 20, 2009 in age 32. She’s seen here in one of the last photographs taken of her before her untimely death

Back in January, Angelo died at the age of 92 and had spent his latter years chasing the truth, but died with very few answers, according to Bertolotti.

He says’If you look at it from a distance, it is like here is this young woman, a fairly healthy girl, she’s home with her husband and mom, and she expired. How absurd is it? It is just in Hollywood that it’s considered another day in the zoo. Nobody takes her to a hospital, which is just four miles away.

‘I spent years looking at this, restraining my anger. I think Brittany was removed. Who killed Brittany? She did not die of natural causes’

Assistant chief coroner Winter, who handled Michael Jackson’s overdose, dismissed Sharon’s asserts that toxic mold from the house had murdered them, but pointed into their own unhealthy lifestyles, with the wafer-thin Brittany supposedly having an eating disorder and drug dependence.

There’s little concrete evidence to confirm that she had been murdered, however, the simple fact remains that after Murphy started dating, then quitting, Monjack – within a few months in 2007 – her life turned for the worse.

He had been a 40-year-old Hollywood failure, nicknamed’Conjack’, with six-figure bank and business debts. He had also spent some time in prison, also faced being contested, as his visa had expired.

The most plausible theory Bertolotti can believe is that their deaths are connected to Monjack’s business dealings. Was Brittany murdered to pay off his debts? Had one of his jagged deals gone badly wrong?

He adds: ” I do not know what company choices they were making at the time, but it [the deaths] sound business-related to me personally. I’ve heard all kinds of crap, so what is true? I don’t feel the medication line that much, I do not buy it. I am convinced there was experimentation. But Brittany was conservative with all this stuff, she was a bright girl.

‘You’ve got to go back to the cash.

‘You’ve got to consider who’s collecting the cash today? I don’t understand. Every time the movie comes on, someone is getting paidoff. Whoever has the cash knows the reality.

‘There was a set of 15 to 30 individuals around Brittany, and you inform me that no one knows nothing? If I had the cash to properly investigate her passing, I would go round all of them, but they wouldn’t talk to me personally.

‘My dad was up to it like a hound dog, but then got ill and had a stroke. ‘Til his dying day he was obsessed with finding out what occurred. He went up to a lot of these individuals, but nobody would talk to him. We couldn’t find out anything. What is it all tell you? The item is locked down’

‘All of them who had personal contact with her at the previous two, three weeks of her life may speak out, so that I could know this, but you’ll find that no one wants to talk.

‘I think that it’s among the biggest conspiracies in Hollywood like Hendrix.

‘Some day somebody might find some thing, but it won’t be me or my other brother Jeff, we are too old for this now. I’m 70 and reside in north Florida in the country.’

Angelo, in desperation, sometimes pointed the finger at his ex-wife, asserting Sharon killed Brittany, an unsubstantiated theory that runs uncontrolled online. Bertolotti – who is known Sharon because she was 15 – claims against it, but thinks that Monjack was relationship Sharon rather than Brittany.

Absolutely not. I really don’t enjoy her, but personally do it to her daughter? I don’t think so. Sharon would have given up her life for her daughter, but’they’ didn’t need hers. This is larger than Sharon.

‘I think Monjack understood what happened to Brit. They were sharing a bed when Brittany passed off.

‘I heard that Monjack and Brittany was a union of circumstance because he was trying to remain in the States. Whenever I spoke to Brittany, she simply brushed the Monjack thing away. She told me that it was that sort of situation. I think they kept him in the States, he had a better chance of staying if they say he is with Brittany.’

Sharon vanished just a few months later Monjack died and has not been seen since Bertolotti says he’s credible information that she’s back in Hollywood.

He adds:’I had someone contact me on Facebook, she had been a Russian and says she walks Brittany’s puppy, who has to be 15 years old by now, and is now working for Sharon at Hollywood. I thought that is very strange.

‘She wanted to know what I believed happened? I stated I believe what happened in that house was totally criminally. She hung up the telephone.’

Although among the crazier theories on Murphy’s demise does entail Russia with Bertolotti including:’There was saying out that she was not at Hollywood the evening until she passed away. Then comes in all of the conspiratorial crap – someone contacts my dad and tells them she was not in the nation, she had been with bankers in Moscow. This is mad sh*t.’

Bertolotti is a retired saxophonist and composer, who played some of the biggest music stars in the sixties and seventies. He needed a mutual love of music and the arts together with Murphy, whom he says was desperate to quit the acting game.

She had been a’lonely celebrity’ and harbored fantasies to become a singer, but felt pressure to keep in behaving, as other people relied on her monetary success.

‘She was a singer, oh boy, she was the greatest. We’d discuss the arts, I would send her a few of my compositions all the time, and she would send them back with her opinion. That is exactly what we had in common, the arts,”’ says Bertolotti.

‘We talked about her business, her mother, to us, that was only a diversion. We’d have our joyful talks. I miss her, she was always the light in my life, I miss her, I purely loved her.

‘She would have given up the celebrity things and be singing today. I told her that she needs to stay in the lane that she is in, you made the decision, if you run into our [the music] lane, then you’re likely to get hammered. She just wanted to sing that’s all, she had been in the top five on earth, she couldn’t hold it in.

‘She was a singer, she did not want to behave anymore. But she was guided in every step she made. She was lonely in certain ways.

‘It’s playing for people that is the deal. Films is bullsh*t, you wait at the trailer for your scene. When playing an auditorium for tens of thousands of people, and feeling it, that is so beyond making a film, it’s a joke.

‘That’s what she wanted – and that I do not blame her. It was so important for her, she had been overlooking it for a lot of years.

So what’s next for the family? Will Sharon ever seem publicly or a new guide be found?

Bertolotti is not hopeful, including:’You have got to check around Brittany and also make your mind up. Who was her control? Who was the person who ran the show? I have no proof of anything. If I did, I’d have blown off it ten years.’