Hunger Games prequel, it’s confirmed!

The return of Snakes and Songbirds of ballad to Panem, with new twist and turns?

And the game again begins
The wait is almost over

The teenager’s Favourite movie, “The Hunger Games” has been a big hit, along with the number of adults too indulged in it. So for the fans, The hunger game brings new prequel movie, the movie will be based on the Suzanne Collins’s upcoming book.

“The Ballad of songbirds and birds”, Coming out on 19th may 2024 will be directed by Francis Lawrence into a movie. Alongside screenwriter Michael Arndt and producer Nina Jacobson, They both worked on the original series.

Fight never ends its forever
The Tittle and book cover of the new Prequel.

When is the Novel Prequel coming out?

Waiting for the Most Awaited?

The hunger games’s prequel novel coming on 19th may will be focusing on tyrannical Panem President. Coriolanus Snow at the age of 18 long before he became the president.
It is not at all shocking that the novel is being adapted as The hunger games is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. The four established films took slight liberties. The narrative of the movie is very much stuck to Collins’s blueprint so we can determine that the same will be done with the prequels.

Ending is always the beginning of something new
IMAGE: Scholastic

Let’s Refresh the background?

10 years after the reconstruction period, “The Dark Days”, as the country of Panem struggles back to its feet. Provides fertile ground for characters to grapple with these questions and thereby define their views of humanity”.

Let’s take some final step to refresh the memories. The dark days pertained as the period that follows the civil war between the districts and capitols, the collapse of the first rebellion in Panem.

This was the period when the district 13 went underground its hidden talent and power of nuclear arsenal, allowing it’independence from the Capitol at the cost of leaving the rest of Panem to its ignominious fate.

never forget the struggle you are fighting for
Remember their struggle? IMAGE: Hunger games 

Is it wrong to be excited for the prequel?

In the days of hard time, this is the Fantastic News!

 The excitement for a new prequel is coming off the hunger game is not only suitable for the primary reason is not limited because we get to finally see what goes down during the dawn of the titular games.

Instead, we will get another chance to see the new stories and what if the author is thinking to take the story further? Just like the marvel, this could be the start to an entry of entire new series. This will be the big fan moment for all over the fans in the world! They must be waiting for so long just to have experienced that classic adventure again.

Remember who all stood by you
Beast of the Prequel. IMAGE: Google

Is it limited to the Teenagers?

This is not only for the teenagers, but it’s good to go, adult series too. Parents can also experience this adventure of competition and fight among the teenager for their goals.
This is called the Emotional world for the teenagers where the competition is getting tougher day by day. All they want in this though times is to have someone by their side to understand them, who is more perfect than the parents to play this role in their kid’s life.

Watching this series is no coincidence that young adult science fiction is so often set in a bleak futuristic world in which kids fight to resist or subvert a repressive regime. The battles for personal expression and individuality in these popular books.