Is Eli God’s Child Or The Devil’s Child?


People pray to God, confess their sins, and their last hope is the belief in God. But, what if God doesn’t answer any of your prayers? Eli is not an ordinary boy. He is allergic to the whole world. YES, that’s right. Eli is allergic to everything. But it is not a common allergy; it’s more than that.

Here, we have unraveled the actual truth of Eli’s disease.

Eli used to live inside the big plastic tent as he was allergic to everything.
Image: IMDb

Plot Summary of Eli

The movie is about a boy named Eli, who is allergic to everything in the outside world. Whenever he comes into contact with the air, his skin breaks out in painful red rashes like an allergy. Hence, he lives in a big plastic tent, and when he goes out, he wears a blue hazmat suit.

His parents, Rose and Paul find a doctor who says that she can cure him, and then Eli can live like any other normal boy. The secluded-clinic is just like any other horror movie house. Dr. Horn convinces Eli that the air inside is clean, and he can breathe easily.

Dr. Horn tells them that the treatment will make him worse before he gets any better. And when the treatment starts, his condition worsens. He starts seeing ghosts in the house, which Dr. Horn says are hallucinations.

Eli met Haley, her half-sister, through this glass window.
Image: IMDb

One night Eli meets Haley (The neighbor) through the glass. She tells him that there were three more children before him, and they never left the house. She encourages him to explore the theory that Dr. Horn killed the other patients. She becomes creepier with every treatment session, and it makes Eli sicker. Slowly, the truth about Dr. Horn is revealed, and the truth behind Eli’s condition is also disclosed. And, it is mind-baffling!

What is the truth behind Eli’s condition?

Dr. Horne said that she had developed a solution that can “cure” him. But at the end of the movie, we discover that Eli was never sick. He was the son of the devil. Yep, that’s correct; DEVIL is his birth father.

Rose tells him that she and Paul were unable to conceive a baby. Rose prayed to God, but when her prayers were not heard, she prayed to the devil. And then Eli was born. Because of who his true father is, Rose and Paul feared that he could become evil. That’s why they kept him isolated.

Dr. Horn’s treatment made Eli sicker.
Image: IMDb

We also discover that Dr. Horn is a nun who intends to kill him. When he learns about her real intentions, that’s when we see his evil side. He killed his dad, Dr. Horn, and her assistants. He also burnt the whole clinic. Also, Haley is Eli’s half-sister. She is also the child of the devil. After he burnt down the house, he, Haley, and Rose drive off the property, and it’s not known where they’re going.

You can stream Eli only on Netflix, so, go watch it!