Steven Universe Season 7: Airdate and Plot

Steven Universe

Created by Rebecca Sugar Steven Universe is an American animated television series, first dropped on Cartoon Network. It is the first action, science fantasy, and comedy-drama to be series solely created by a woman.

Steven Universe: Plot and Cast

The story revolves around a half-gem, half-human boy who was created by Rose Quartz, a gem who sacrificed herself for the creation of Steven. The plot continues on Steven understanding his powers inherited by his mother. Steven and his team, the four crystal gems Amethyst, Pearl, has to protect the humanity from the evil monsters who are using their power for tremendous destruction.

Steven Universe
Steven Universe Season 7

Zach Callison’s voice for Steven Universe, Deedee Magno’s voice for Pearl, Michaela Dietz’s voice for Amethyst, Estelle voice for Garnet, Tom Scharpling’s voice for Greg Universe, Grace Rolek’s voice for Connie Maheswaran, Shelby Rabara’s voice for Peridot, Matthew Moy’s voice for Lars Barriga, Kate Micucci’s voice for Sadie Miller, Jennifer Paz’s voice for Lapis Lazuli, Dee Bradley’s voice for Baker Lion, Reagan Gomez-Preston’s voice for Jenny, Zach Steel’s voice for Ronaldo Fryman, Erica Luttrell’s voice for Sapphire, Charlyne Yi’s voice for Ruby, Lamar Abrams’s voice for Buck Dewey, Kimberly Brooks’s voice for Jasper, Lisa Hannigan’s voice for Blue Diamond.

When will the next season release?

For now, we do not have any official data on the release of the seventh season. However, rumor has it that the seventh season will drop somewhere in August. We will fill you in if we any information regarding this section pops.

Steven Universe
Steven Universe

What can we expect in the next season?

The season will begin with the fictional hometown of the jewels in Delmarva. Their chief mission is to protect the humans from the evil creatures. The story centers on four precious stone diamonds Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven (half human half gem) who fight and hunt down the monsters for good. In the process of which steven struggles to unleash his powers gifted by his mother.

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