Too Hot to Handle Netflix : All about the ‘toe-curling’ cast of the show.

The Cast of Too HOT to Handle.

Too Hot to Handle is an unscripted tv dating game show created by Fremantle creation organization Talkback. The show comprised of eight episodes, which were all discharged on 17 April 2024 on Netflix.

Where is the show Too Hot To Handle filmed?

If anything this place is next to heaven on earth.

The show will reflect the first group of ten singles as they are taken to an exceptional island mansion for about a month to discover love. The show is made in Mexico, in a private estate called Casa Tau in the Punta Mita locale of the South American nation.

The truly isolated safe house is encompassed by more than nine miles of Pacific Ocean seashores and bays, making it the ideal spot for a hideaway occasion for our cast individuals.

What’s more, the ace suite even has its one of a kind interminability pool at their administration.

In this show, ten youthful, hot singles from around the globe meet up and meet on a heaven island. They’ll get the chance to appreciate the occasion they thought of in dreams.

The only twist in this fairytale is– they cannot touch one another!


Who are these Too Hot To Handle Contestants?

Too Hot To Handle Contestants
Too Hot To Handle Contestants
  • David Birtwistle, 28

    David, who comes from London, has the minds and the strength. He is an ex semi-professional rugby player with a top of the line degree in engineering. (WHATT!)

  • Matthew Smith, 29

    Matthew is recently chosen for America’s Next Top Model. His looks do the talking for him.

  • Harry Jowsey, 21

    Australian Harry classes himself as a “giraffe on ice” with regards to dancing; However, it takes 2-3 drinks, and he’s a disco king.

  • Sharron Townsend, 25

    Sharron is from New Jersey. He is a fitness coach and expert children’s wrestling trainer. He was once delegated Mr. Pennsylvania in 2018.

  • Kelz, 27

    Kelz is a Senior Recruitment Consultant in London. He’s the alpha-male who consistently gets what he needs. Well, obviously he does with that look.

  • Rhonda Paul, 27

    Rhonda has let nothing hold her up with regards to getting the man she had always wanted. She’s exhausted with the dating scene and needs something else. That’s probably the reason she’s in the show.

  • Nicole O’Brien, 23

    Irish Nicole lives in London presently. She has recently experimented with the far corners of the planet as an advertising advisor chipping away at Yachts Nicola. She acknowledges that she can be egotistical with regards to dating; however, she won’t bargain.

  • Haley Cureton, 20

    Haley volunteers at an animal shelter and is fully open to real to life conversations about what she prefers and doesn’t care for.

  • Chloe Veitch, 19

    Chloe from Essex considers herself a heart-breaker. She has no issue pulling in the men she had always wanted. However, committing them is something else.

  • Francesca Farago, 25

    Francesca is from Canada and is a voyage influencer. She recently dated DJ Diplo. Francesca admits she fears of responsibility. She has the name of her ex tattoo-ed within her mouth! Wow, that’s interesting!

    Well, if that’s not enough of a motivation to start watching the show, we have a video that shares a few minutes of episode 1.


Let’s see what this show beholds. Who will be able to survive Lana’s Challenges?
Stay tuned for more updates on the show and we’ll keep you updated.