Wonder Woman 1984: The Princess Is Returning! Final Release Date And Other Updates!

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Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman is an American superhero film of 2017. The film is based upon a DC Comics character of the same name. It is the fourth instalment of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Wonder Woman 1984 will be a precious investment.

Wonder Woman 1984: Trailer and Release Date

The renewal of Wonder Woman for its sequel has confirmed the return of Diana Prince on the big screen.

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Wonder Wonder New Poster With New Release Date

Wonder Woman 1984 was initially scheduled to release on June 4, 2024. However, the release date is August 14, 2024, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The announcement was official, and the new poster with the new dates came out.

Gal Gadot herself revealed the exact release date on her twitter post. Also, the new dates were informed by her.

The trailer for the new sequel is already out, and the fans seem quite satisfied with it. The Wonder Woman fans seem exquisite for the arrival of the film.

Like its predecessor, Wonder Woman 1984 will not air in several Arab nations.

What does the story narrate?

Diana Prince of an all-female Amazonian race rescues US pilot Steve. Upon learning of a war, she ventures into the world of men to stop Ares, the god of war, from destroying humanity.

After leaving her home, Diana gets deep into the first world war. She vows to end it at the earliest. She and Steve Trevor, together, somehow manage to defeat Ares in a deadly showdown.

In 1984, Diana came to a conflict with frightening enemies – Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. Maxwell Lord is a media businessman and entrepreneur who is famous for TV infomercials. Cheetah (Barbara Ann Minvera) is a friend-turned-enemy who was an archaeologist.

Wonder Woman 1984: In the words of the director

As revealed by Jenkins, though the movie is a sequel, it will have its unique identity. The film will have a different feel, tone, and context. The characters will be the same but with a completely new outlook.

Explaining the need of two villains in Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins says,

“It turned out that the story was the thing that gave birth to the need for both. It wasn’t that I thought I needed both. Cheetah was the villain that we were focused on having in this movie. Still, then Max Lord, throughout the history of Wonder Woman comics – he serves a very mechanical purpose, often.”

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The Makers and stars

Patty Jenkins directed the film from a screenplay written by Allan Heinberg. The story writers consist of Heinberg, Zack Snyder, and Jason Fuchs.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Cast
  • Gal Gadot as the main character, Diana Prince
  • Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
  • Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah
  • Robin Wright as Antiope
  • Pedro Pascal as Max Lord
  • Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta
  • Oakley Bull

Wonder Woman 1984 Merchandise

A new LEGO set appears to reveal some insight into Cheetah’s final form. The product is titled “Marvel Woman versus Cheetah”. The set highlights both Diana Prince and Cheetah.

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Wonder Woman Marchandise – LEGO