Cyborg: Will The Superhero Manage To Return To The Screen?

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Cyborg - 2022

Cyborg – the fictional superhero that appears in the American comic books by D.C. comics, is the name of a character created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. However, Cyborg was initially recognized as a member of the Teen Titans.

Who is Cyborg?

Cyborg is one of the most dynamic and thrilling superheroes in the D.C. Comics Universe. Cyborg upgrades himself as having the ability to transform as an evil dictator with magical powers in Sudan.

The film narrates the story of Victor Stone. His body parts are replaced by advanced cosmetic surgery after he gets severely injured in an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs. S.T.A.R. Labs is a high-tech laboratory for research and development facilities, as introduced in ‘Man Of Steel.’

Cyborg: What are the updates about the release date?

Though Cyborg was initially scheduled for a release on April 3, 2022, now there seem the slightest chances of it to air in the near future.

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown conditions prevailing due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Cyborg got delayed. Thus, there is no base for any kind of predictions over its new release date. Also, by the noises that D.C. has been making, it seems that the movie will be a grand one.

However, fans and many viewers live with the hope that the film might not get canceled. They are eager to see Ray Fisher starring as Cyborg.

Ray Fisher brings a ray of hope!

Recently, the actor made an appearance at the City of Heroes convention in the U.K. According to the reports obtained from there, Ray confirmed that Cyborg solo movie is yet under production. Also, he said that the makers have scheduled it to arrive in 2022.

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In the words of Joe Morton!

Joe Morton plays the role of Silas Stone in the D.C. Extended Universe. Back in 2018, he revealed that the filming for Cyborg would kick off in 2022.

However, since then, there has not even been the slightest information about the movie.

All that we know to date is that looking at the enthusiasm of the fans, the film might not get canceled even if it gets delayed.

Image: Joe Morton
What Does He Say About The Movie?


The critics, as well as the audience, expect a lot of exciting and adventurous films from the D.C. Extended Universe after the release of Joker. Thus, Joker has become the film that has taken D.C.’s standard one level up. Therefore, Cyborg will have to be better than the best to prove itself.